gallagher runs

Gallagher, watermelon smasher, runs for governor. Yeah, I know that D-list-celeb-runs-for-California-governor is already a worn meme, but this piece has that delicious WaPo Style section snark I so love.
The real reason I’m posting is this line:
He has a wad of 100 $20 bills in his pocket and later will get a room at the aptly named Governor’s House Hotel on Rhode Island Avenue NW.
When I move to D.C. on Labor Day, I’ll be living at the Governor’s House Hotel for nine weeks! There’s a chance, however slight, that I may get the Gallagher room! There may be melon bits in the curtains! Oh, joy!

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  1. Ah, yes – the brainy side of Dupont Circle – a stone’s throw from Brookings – sigh. Please go eat at City Lights of China, just north of the Circle on Connecticut for me – I miss their vegetable curl.

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