new hard drive, confederacy

One downside of my upcoming move to D.C.: I’ll have to live on my (slow) iBook for four months. No desktop tower power for me.
To help remedy that, I just bought the cutest little 60GB Firewire hard drive. And, as longtime readers know, that means I get to play my geek game of choice: the What-Character-In-A-Confederacy-Of-Dunces-Will-I-Name-This-Drive-After? game.
To recap: my main 80-gig boot drive is named Jones in honor of the janitor at the Night of Joy; my old 30-gig drive’s two partitions are named Ignatius (the protagonist, naturally) and Gonzalez (Ignatius’ boss at Levy Pants). My external 40-gig clunker is Mancuso after the Quarter-wandering patrolman; my iPod is Myrna after Ignatius’ love interest, and the iBook’s HD is named Miss Trixie after Levy Pants’ senile secretary. (Yes, I am a geek.)
I considered a few other character names for my new drive (Gus Levy, Lana, Dorian, Santa Battaglia, Darlene). I even considered a few terms that, while not character names, will forever be associated with the novel in my eyes (Boethius, Big Chief, Communiss, Dr. Nut). In the end, though, I decided to keep it real and pick the name of the novel’s one Cajun character: the suave (though a bit clueless) elderly gentleman caller, Claude Robichaux.
So while I’m wandering the village squares of Zambia in a few weeks, I’ll have a 60-gig Cajun by my side. Comforting.

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  1. It’s no secret. I’m moving to D.C. on Sept. 1 for a Pew Fellowship. I’ll be in Washington and Zambia until December, when I move back to Dallas. (NOTE: My server is once again screwing with the timestamp on my comments — this comment is in response to Donna’s.)

  2. Okay, I’m primed to leave something like four comments after scouring your archives for more D.C. details, but I’m afraid you won’t spill if I have to admit I could never really get into Confederacy. I do, however, have a wee crush on David Brancaccio, so it’s a sad day over here – I can’t believe I missed that.

  3. How exciting! I must have missed the Pew announcement – congratulations! I lived in D.C. for 8 years – it’s my favorite city, and I know you’ll enjoy it – I saw many excellent shows at the 9:30 Club.

  4. SIRS:
    According to my theory of theology and geometry, such a naming scheme is quite apt; I’m sure Mr. Robichaux would be honored.
    Make sure you only bring mismatched clothing to Zambia, and all will be well with the world.
    Your working boy,

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