nyc power outages

You know, I was really looking forward to today. Today was going to be the first day in almost two weeks I came to work at my normal hour and departed at my normal hour.
Well, the first half came true. But I’m also here at 11 p.m., writing about power outages 12 states away.

2 thoughts on “nyc power outages”

  1. I got lucky, I left work in downtown Cleveland early, at 3:30, to help my husband paint the house. My partners ended up staying downtown until it quieted down, around 6:30, having fortification in the bar downstairs. We had intermittent power on Friday, and still can’t drink the water, but for all it’s inconvenience, it turned into an interesting night. We had an impromptu party with the neighbors on either side of us and then just watched the stars that we normally can’t see, because of the city lights. Now they’re saying something went wrong here in the power grid. Why is it always Cleveland’s fault?? Or does it just seem that way?

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