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Not too long ago, I read something on The Toledo Blade’s web site about Pastor Michael Pitts of Cornerstone Church. (It’s in Maumee, a Toledo suburb.) It made me think back to when I was working for The Blade a few years ago and Pastor Pitts was in the news quite a bit.
You see, Pastor Michael Pitts was charged with several counts of exposing himself to strangers. I should make it clear that he was never convicted of any of these charges. (I want to make sure that his lawyers, wherever they may be, see I am making this clear.) But there was a significant amount of evidence that many people found quite convincing.
In 1995, he was stopped by police after allegedly being spotted masturbating in front of two young boys hitting golf balls at a local baseball diamond. Officials did not press charges after Pastor Pitts agreed to seek counseling with a psychologist who sees sex offenders, they said. (The Pitts camp claims the officials are lying.)
In 1997, he faced eight counts of public indecency and seven counts of criminal trespass, linked to a series of incidents in which a man matching Pastor Pitts’ description was reported exposing himself to people in places like a local park and a Wal-Mart parking lot. His car was spotted near where several of the incidents occurred.
Pastor Pitts hired some very fine attorneys and, in the end, all charges except for two criminal trespass misdemeanors were suddenly dropped. His final punishment: 14 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet and a $500 fine. As part of the unusual plea agreement, both prosecution and defense agreed that neither side would be allowed to discuss the reasons for the sudden deal.
Pastor Pitts claimed complete vindication. Others were less sure.
Why am I bringing this up after the fact? Well, I Googled Pastor Pitts, and I was surprised to find that there was no mention anywhere on the Internet of his alleged indiscretions. None. There was also no mention of the fact that, in 2000, he was convicted of driving while intoxicated
That didn’t seem right.
Pastor Pitts is from that particular branch of Christianity that believes that being a holy man and making enormous profits from one’s church are not mutually contradictory. At least as of a few years ago, he was living in a half-million-dollar home on 30 acres, wearing designer duds, and driving a Cadillac. He blamed his problems on “media monsters.”
So that’s why, on this page, I’ve posted a few old articles from my old newspaper. I think anyone looking up the good pastor should have access to some information about his past, shall we say, issues.

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  1. Why don’t you add the other stories – like how the church gives away bikes, toys and other items to the inner city kids, all the donations the church makes and the good the church does for the city with programs like Project Breakthrough. I am a member and was when these incidents occured. The media exaggerated a lot – and the jokes were cruel = but where is Denny Shaeffer, the saved one, now?
    This taught us one thing – The media always start with the story they want to portray and then goes and gets information to support it. Why didn’t the church fold? Why is the church still strong? Where are those stories?

  2. Dear anonymous commenter,
    I have no doubt that Cornerstone does many wonderful things. Also, Enron made some wonderful donations to charity. I’m sure Union Carbide has done some nice things around Bhopal. That’s all besides the point.
    All I’m doing here is making sure that people who are interested in the church have full access to information about it. Michael Pitts will, I’m sure, be more than happy to tell them about the good things Cornerstone does. I doubt, however, that he likes to advertise his legal difficulties. As I said, Google didn’t turn up any notice of said difficulties. It’s all about the free exchange of accurate information.
    And while I appreciate your no-doubt informed thoughts on how “the media” operate, I might point out in the case of Pastor Pitts, he was charged with more than a dozen crimes by multiple jurisdictions. His alleged penchant for public masturbation only became a story after he was facing criminal indictment. To say the good pastor’s problems are a media invention is hopelessly naive.
    As for why people still worship at his church — the good pastor is a charismatic man. I also think P.T. Barnum may have had something to say about the issue.

  3. I used to attend Cornerstone from the very beginning on Douglas through the the exposing incident. I left after the drunk driving incident because there was no true remorse from Michael for the ordeal that he put his members through. And, truly there was no real explaination given for his actions. Just excuses. I completely agree with you. Everything with regard to the exposing incident was so questionable and especially the Delta arrest. How can anyone in their right mind ignore the Delta arrest? It’s sad to say that my whole family continues to support this man and his organization. I call it an organization because that’s how he runs it. There is no demonstration of true Godly love at Cornerstone, just a lot of judgmental attitudes and self-righteousness. I pray that my family and friends who still attend wake up and see the false teachings this man is heaping on the City of Toledo. Who cares what kind of outward gifts he gives. What does that matter? He’s completely unapproachable and has set up his organization so that the congregation worships him and not Jesus. That’s why you see nothing negative regarding him on the internet. The people at Cornerstone are blinded to the truth because they worship him. Members are told to shut up and follow him, and believe me that’s what they do. Until members really wake up and ask God to show them the truth, this man will continue to excel. Actually, God did show the truth, they just choose to ignore it.

  4. I see there is no telling you anything…you seem to know it all….I am a native of Toledo and I also followed all the articles ( even before joining the church)and if anyone in there right mind read them articles they can see there was no case against him…it looked to me like propaganda for those who did not want this church to succeed…this has all become spiritual warfare…these people at this church are not blinded…the church survives but it is Gods will…if in fact any of those issues were true the church would faulter…but in fact it is STRONGER…one can truly see through what you are trying to present…it will all settle out in the end….

  5. You really are deceived. Why don’t you do a search to find out what Michael really believes. Try doing a search on “manifest sons of God,” or “dominion theology” or “latter rain”. If you open up your heart and ask God to reveal to you the truth, He will. The Bible mention false prophets. It says that at judgement they will stand before Jesus saying didn’t we prophesy in your name, etc. and Jesus says I never knew you, you workers of iniquity. (obviously this is paraphrased) Don’t be blinded by the charisma of this man. He’s just a man. Futhermore, you obviously did not really look into the Delta incident. That incident speaks for itself. It’s not spiritual warfare, it’s the truth. And yes, it will all be settled out in the end.

  6. Lily, your bitterness is showing. You obviously only attended Pastor Pitts’ church as periodically and never really listened to what he preached – there’s no way you would be so foolish as you are now to touch God’s anointed. I suggest you read your Bible. You may choose to wrap yourself in deception and lies and your bitterness like you obviously have, but you need to keep it to yourself.
    Actually, the Delta incident like you called it was proven to be false – just like the other so-called incidents – it’s hard for him to do those things when he’s out of the country!
    Truth always outlives a lie. Like someone said above, we are growing and are much stronger. That wouldn’t be the case if God wasn’t with Pastor Pitts, but He is.
    God takes care of His own Lily, I think you’d better remember that – and to finish that statement you can look to the Bible!

  7. I don’t want to sound crass or rude, but what on earth is the point of posting those articles on your site? I’m sure those that go looking for “dirt” on people find it amusing and helpful, however I’ve learned if you go digging up the past all you get is dirty. Suppose someone was to lay out all that you, Josh, have done in the past 12 years, I’m sure it would be somewhat less than flattering. I’m not trying to critize, just inform you. Peter, the father of the church, denied Christ 3 times, tried to take off the high priest servent’s head, David was a murder, Abrham a liar, Simeon a zealot, so on and so on. Look at the lineage of Jesus in the book of Matthew, Jesus’ line is litter with imperfection. Just as God saw fit to birth his son the first time through imperfection, he is still using imperfection to bring his Son to this generation. So if you absolutlet must talk about Mr. Pitts, or any one else for that matter, talk about them on your knees, where it will at the very leat, yeild more results than the assinine remarks and articles you post on your site. Thanks-Dave

  8. Dave: All those Biblical types you mention acknowledged they’d done something wrong. Pitts says he’s done nothing wrong, despite the evidence. Last time I checked, Dave, I wasn’t trying to convince anyone I was a holy man who is the best route to understanding God. Pastor Pitts does exactly that. As I said before, I posted this stuff online precisely because it wasn’t available anywhere else, and people considering joining his church had a right to get all sides of the argument.
    If, as you say, you don’t care if your spiritual leader has a penchant for public masturbation, drunk driving, and lying — well then, I suppose I’ve wasted your time. Please accept my most heartfelt apologies, but I’ll keep this up for people who have standards different than yours.
    And Kathy, re: your comment:
    Actually, the Delta incident like you called it was proven to be false – just like the other so-called incidents – it’s hard for him to do those things when he’s out of the country!
    Come on, be serious. Unlike the other incidents he’s accused of, at Delta Pitts was actually caught on the scene! It’s the one incident where an “I was out of the country” alibi is obviously false.
    (For those who haven’t read up on Pitts, most of the charges he faced were derived from people who saw a man meeting his description masturbating in a public place, like a park or a parking lot. Pitts might be able to pull an “I was out of the country” claim on those, since he was never conclusively identified at several of those locations.)
    But in the Delta incident, a man fitting his description was spotted masturbating in front of two boys at a baseball diamond. The boys told the cops — who then pulled over Pastor Pitts! Not someone who looked like Pastor Pitts — the good man himself, driving his own car! The boys identified him in person, right there! Not to mention the fact that if Pitts really was provably in another country on April 18, 1995, one might think he could bring that up to Delta police at the time — not mention it to the media two years later, after he’s already served his court-appointed sex counseling.
    So there are two possibilities:
    – Someone who looks exactly like Michael Pitts stole the pastor’s car and his personal identification, masturbated in front of two boys, and then blackmailed the pastor for at least two years so the pastor couldn’t acknowledge the mixup; or
    – Pitts is lying.

  9. Kathy, I’m not bitter at all. Nor does that attitude reflect in my posts. That’s your defensiveness rising up in you. Your post is very attacking to the point of threatening. Michael was identified in Delta on the date of the offense and did attend his court approved sex counseling. Regardless of what he has said, it is obvious that this event did occur. I am not attacking Michael, but the truth is the truth. Oh by the way, I attended Cornerstone from 1986 to 2000. Michael did marry me and my husband and I attended all locations (Douglas, Byrne, Airport Hwy. and Maumee).

  10. Pastor Michael was never “conclusively” identified at any of the locations of his charges. That is why he was not found guilty of ANY of them. Had he been conclusively identified at the seen, he would have gone to jail! Think about it please! Another aspect of the story that is seldom told is the fact that the park official who brought the charges against Pastor Pitts was indicted for purgery. What kind of a moron would log into his book that he saw Pastor in a state park on a day when Pastor was out of the country. If this kind of a critical error could be made it is obvious that this man is an idiot who is incapable of trustworthy testimony because he may have forgotten what day it was!

  11. Pastor Pitts pled guilty to trespassing. Thats it! Had the authorities had any convincing evidence on him, they would not have dropped all the charges and offered him a trespassing plea, would they?

  12. Finally, both of Pastor Pitt’s attornies accepted Jesus and now attend his church as a direct result of the entire ordeal. You think they were convinced of his innocence?

  13. I need to make one correction in my statements. The witness never actually was indicted for purgery, but maybe, the charges were suddenly dropped because he was going to be???

  14. A different perspective… I don’t necessarly dismiss the man based on his actions. We all fall short of God’s laws. We all have evil learking in our members. We are all very capable of doing very sinful things. What I think we must look at is…what make’s a False Teacher (or Apostle) false, his actions or doctrine? Ultimately false doctrine will lead to sinful actions, no doubt. However, God loved David not because he was not a sinner, but because had a righteous heart. What’s worse, public masterbation or being a murderer? They are both the same because they are both sin. But one man represents righteousness and one man represents selfishness. David stood for the goodness of God toward his people. He stood in harms way to protect God’s people, he faced death and peril to protect God’s people…he was righteous. Modern doctrine, especially in the Charasmatic Church centers around selfishness, what can I get, how much do I sow to reap… Charasmatic doctrine is not one of selflessness but of selfishness. What I don’t understand is how these modern “Apostles” can have all kinds of “stuff” while there are needs in their church. I just don’t get it. Haven’t they ready the first 5 chapters of Acts? The Apostles in Acts gave everything they had to meet the needs of the members of their churches. They were righteous. They cared more about others than they did themselves. Righteous! So…you be the judge, is someone righteous base on what they do, or what they believe? Rembember, we are all sinners.

  15. Michael Pitts has accomplished more in his ministry already than you (edward) will ever accomplish. Pastor Pitts has done more to further the kingdom of God and impacted more lives than you could ever hope to. What we should concentrate on is the plank in our own eye and not the speck in our neighbors.

  16. Nate, you need to get your facts correct. Michael Pitts was identified and arrested in Delta, Ohio in 1995 for public indecency and did attend counseling for this arrest. His next arrest was the very public exposing incident, in which the majority of charges were dropped and Pitts plead guilty to trespassing. His final arrest was the drunk driving incident. It is obvious that the Delta incident did occur. He was in town – he was arrested on the day of incident. He was identified by witnesses along with his automobile.

  17. In 1995 Bill Gates gave what is considered the single largest charitable donation in history totaling 5 billion. He just pleged another 750 million over the next five years. Does this make him righteous? No. The bible is very clear that it’s not what we do but what we belive that make us righteous.
    Once again, my fault with Charasmania is that it’s beliefs are wrong, thus discounting it’s actions. ‘Going to the next level’, ‘a new season’, ‘I’m believing God for a harvest’, ‘getting my stuff back from the devil’ are saying frequently used in Charasmatic circles. And it’s no wonder, these saying are born out of the doctrine that stems from the selfish foundation on which it was built. This terminology is a reflection of the false teachings that it supports.
    Once again, I agree we are all sinners. None righteous, no not one. We are all gone out of the way. So we must ask ourselves the question, what makes us righteous? It is not our works. It is not Bill Gates billions of dollars in donations that makes him righteous. It is not pastor Pitts efforts that will make him righteous, nor mine or yours. It is what a person believes that makes him righteous. Righteousnees seek the welfare of others more than the welfare of themselves. It understands that as Christ unconditionally loved us so must we love one another. This, and only this, is the belief that God accepts as righteous.
    I’ve been a part of the Charasmatic movement for over 20 years and a part of Cornerstone Church for over 10 years. In all of those years, much to the shame of it’s leaders, I have NEVER heard such righteous teaching.

  18. Men will rise and men will fall but the one I came to preach about is JESUS! He’s the only one that will never have his character tainted or be caught doing public perversions. If Pastor Pitts is guilty of that sin… FORGIVE HIM mind your business and go on preaching the truth to the ones in need. Galations 6:1

  19. Michael Pitts NEVER attended court ordered counseling for any crime he was or was not convicted of. That is simply an aspect of the case that has been passed along and like a game of telephone; the truth has been warped so uniformly that most believe the lie.

  20. Michael Pitts NEVER attended court ordered counseling for any crime he was or was not convicted of. That is simply an aspect of the case that has been passed along and like a game of telephone; the truth has been warped so uniformly that most believe the lie.

  21. John: To contradict your statement, the following was taken from the article posted in the TOLEDO BLADE on Sunday, November 30, 1997.
    Another issue involved the two young witnesses, who would have had to appear in court. “We had the evidence on him,” said Mr. Smith, “but we would have had to bring two boys to the edge of hell to bring it out.”
    Finally, the prosecutors said they agreed not to file charges if Mr. Pitts would agree to counseling, which Mr. Smith said Mr. Pitts did.
    Mr. Smith said that as part of the negotiation, prosecutors agreed to return to the defense any evidence of Mr. Pitts’s counseling sessions with Dr. Gregory Forgac, a Toledo psychologist who frequently deals with sex offenders.
    Citing client confidentiality, Dr. Forgac would not comment. However, Mr. Smith said that he did receive confirmation in writing from Dr. Forgac that he and Mr. Pitts talked, though he’s not sure how many times.
    “He sent back a report indicating that he believed Mr. Pitts was no longer a danger to repeat the kind of conduct that happened at the park,” Mr. Smith said. “I don’t believe he did a whole lot.”

  22. Edward – why in the world are you still at Cornerstone when you are so obviously a self-righteous bigot who is against Pastor Pitts?
    You can’t really think he doesn’t know this about you…

  23. Also, in regard to the Toledo Blade – when have they EVER reported truth – Everybody knows they make up the majority of what they print. They choose before they write which way they want it to go and than make things up to slant it in that direction! They have no integrity what’s soever – this is also proven by if the above article regarding Delta was true, there would have been counseling that really was done, when it fact, there wasn’t ever any counseling, because the incident never took place. Simple as that.

  24. Jason & Josh
    your both pussy’s please tell me where you live and work so we can meet. lily you smell like shit. Don’t fear Pitts fear his saint’s? what’s one more sin I guess if I find you all I’ll have to Get prayed over BY Pitts for whiping your asses and getting you fired like Toledo’s Denny S 92.5 FM your next. Please E-mail me

  25. i have recieved a couple of not so nice emails in response to the comment i made on this site. I will not validate thier slander with comment, suffice to say, the gentleman from NJ has a point and it should render this debate over the alleged dealings of one man moot. if he is guilty as charged, so be it, if not, so be it. the blade does not have the final say so in our lives, nor does pitts, P.T. Barnaum or even the great Dr. Suess, Jesus has the first, last and middle words. this is the last time I’ll be visiting this page, i have more important things to do. than to poke my nose in the buisness of one man. The only man whos life i’m intrested in diggin around in is Jesus’. I hope you all will take a lesson and leave it alone. and clevland you need to have your mouth washed out with soap, potty mouth!

  26. In response to Lily’s postings about Michael Pitts: I personally can’t believe you sat in that man’s church and discerned the things you did. Obviously you are much sharper than T.D. Jakes and Mark Chirona who have both recently had Michael Pitts in to preach. In fact, Pastor Pitts is ministering more now than ever. Perhaps your level of discernment in much higher than the present leaders of the church, or you have no discernment! You also claimed that Michael Pitts offered no explanations for his actions, but only excuses. I happened to be attending the service right after Pastor P. had received the DUI. I know for a fact that he offered no excuses for his actions. In fact he apologized and said there was no excuse. As far as the exposure incidents go, he didn’t have any excuses because he held to the fact that he was innocent. Pastor Pitts was never linked to any of the park episodes. He was out of the country on half of the alleged dates. Maybe that is why all of those charges were dropped. As far as the Delta incident goes there was no police line up, and a very poor description of the suspect. Finally, Cornerstone Church is a place completely centered on Christ. The goodness of the Lord affecting all nations is a recurring theme of the Ministry of Cornerstone. You are the one that needs to pray for discernment!

  27. Why is it that any joe schmoe, who could have done the same things that Pitts did, and have the book thrown at him? Joe Schmoe would be hated in the community and locked up. But no, just because he’s a pastor, he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. So the people who were victim to the disgusting actions of Pitts, are just supposed to live with it? Let it go? Where’s your “god” for them? That could have been anyone to have seen Pastor pantsless. I don’t care who it is, any man who tries that should be prosecuted, so-called “holy man” who’s in in for the money of not.

  28. I just want to say thanks for posting these articles. I WAS in fact looking for some past info. on Mr. Pitts. I have aquantences, that used to be friends, that I heard started going to his church, and was curious because I’ve heard some things about him. Thank you for making that information available to me. It seems as though you’ve stirred up a hornets nest by doing this, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s your site, do what you want to do. The ones that are in the pitts with denial? Wake up and smell the coffee!

  29. p.s. I do believe in God. And I am a Christian. His behavior does NOT represent the rest of us. I think it’s disgusting. Just wanted to throw that in there. 🙂

  30. julie: looking at this from a completely nontheistic viewpoint, the fact that Pitts was acquitted should be proof enough, in this country anyway, of his innocence.

  31. Ron, being accquited in this country doesn’t really mean to much. Look at OJ, just because he was aquitted doesn’t mean I think he was innocent. God knows the truth, and ultimately, that’s what matters. But I for one, am not ever going to go to a church where the guy has had so much evidence pointing at him, and putting him in such a bad light. If he were a real man, he would step back and let people cool off, before he started running his “empire” again. Looking at his website, and how everything came to be, he talks more about how this is what he wanted (the ministry) and not enough about what God wanted. That’s a Christians main goal, to do what God wants. In my book Pitts has lots of strikes against him, but God is the one he will ultimately have to answer to.

  32. p.s. again, I also read Lily’s posts. And “you go girl.” God is the ultimate judge. And just because an organization is growing, doesn’t mean that he is doing what God wants of him. I agree with Lily on the things that she compares with the Bible. There will be false prophets, and we are never to follow man, but God only. Man leads, but the Holy Spirit will let us know whether or not it’s the truth that we are being told. Some people, Im afraid, are just blinded by what they Want to see, and not what’s real.
    I heard that an offering was taken for him for his birthday, and he said it was not enough, and had the plates passed again. Does anyone know if this is true? Because if it is. I can tell you, that is NOT Godly.

  33. Julie…just an FYI…Pitts’ birthday is the end of August. I’ll have to ask some of my family who still attend if this happened. I doubt it, however I wouldn’t put it past any of pastors at Cornerstone. I know one year Pastor Banks initiated a birthday donation for Pitts and they actually did pass around the buckets. This was shortly before the first arrest. If you notice on his website there is no mention of Jesus. It’s all about them and what they can do for me. Yeah right…all he can do for me is lead me down the wrong path. Men are to point to Jesus…the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truth.
    Take Care…

  34. Please do ask. I would be interested to know. Maybe the bucket passing a few years ago is what it was, and it got mixed up in the rumor mill.??
    Anyway, yes, I noticed, as I said in one of my other posts, that his website has very little to do with God, and more about Pitts!! That should tell people something right there. Let me know what happens this birthday! And if you find out if the other was true.
    God Bless

  35. I can say with extreme certainty that Pastor Pitts never said that the church did not give him enough for his birthday and never re-passed the offering containers

  36. I have to say too……I Love Denny Schafer. His wife had their first child the same time and same hospital I had triplets!!! Non relevant to any of this. But I think he is great to take such a stand for his faith, on the radio!!! Go Denny!!

  37. Your Welcome!! Nobody’s perfect, you should know that! It’s the people on here that call themselves Christians, yet put everyone else down for their opinions that give Christians a bad name if you ask me. Just because Denny Schafer has a way to speak his opinion in public doesn’t make him a bad guy. Have you ever listened to him? He stands up for God every day while in the secular world. You can’t even put your name on your post!! HMMM, I’ll be praying for the “no name” people on here.

  38. Making fun of Pastor Pitts on a billboard in Toledo is not speaking your opinion. Christ said the only person with the right to cast stones is someone who is without sin… right? Who was without sin… Christ was! By his own mandate he could have stoned the woman caught in adultery. But he didn’t. That is love! Your right, I do know nobody is perfect… including myself, michael pitts and you. My point is that Denny Schafer had no more right to appear on a derogatory billboard than those in the biblical account had to stone the woman caught in sin. BTW my name is Dan.

  39. I have a hard time believing Pastor Pitts would have done those things and continue to minister. Toledo is a very racist, bureaucratic and segregated place that fears the truth and God. It’s funny that redneck Carty Finkbeiner could get less media coverage for all his real crimes. Pastor Pitts is annointed, and a lot of people in Northwest Ohio are envious.

  40. And, I am orginally from Cleveland, and the Blade is the worst newspaper in the State. Half their stories are plagiarize and the other half has no facts.

  41. I’ve set under Pastor Pitts teachings for over 6 years now and I see him as the Billy Graham of our generation. And I know that the Lord sees him as “His beloved son and He is very well pleased with him”.
    Pastor goes all over the world teaching and preaching to not only congregations, but to Pastors and Ministers. He’s known for his knowledge, humor, devotion to the Lord and to His people.
    He does not take money from us that the Lord doesn’t tell us to give. We give as unto the Lord and we do it for Him, not just for our church. Unless the church needs it, Pastor Pitts doesn’s ask us for it. But, according to the Bible, he does preach on tithing and giving. Why? So God can bless us for it.
    You mentioned that Pastor and his family live in a home that costs 1/2 millions of dollars. Who did you get that from…your imagination? I’ve been by their place and it’s not that much. Nice, but no mansion.
    I’d appreciate it, Mr. Josh Benton, if you would get your facts straight and not try to get people to believe what YOU think is true.
    It sounds to me as if you could use what Pastor has…God. His kids don’t defame people for all the world to see.

  42. People don’t have problem with a church, until they see you building beyond the church structure itself. Why shouldn’t a pastor live comfortable and drive a nice car? The annointing is bigger than one person, there are many members of Cornerstone that are bless with nice things. It’s not about that, it should be all about God. Most of the more critical opponents of Pastor Pitts are memebers of other churches or never been to nobody’s church. I just move to area when all that stuff was going on, I really didn’t understand why. I had never been to Cornerstone prior to that, but a memember and friend ask me to attend. I didn’t know that was a relatively new church to this area at the time. I think we should left God be the judge, because you should be very careful with talking bad about people God calls. That’s how I was raised. Though, there are false prophets that have tried to use God for their own gain, God always expose them in the end. I think Pastor Pitts is very annointed visionary that was sent by God. God Bless Pastor Pitts and the whole Cornerstone Family, I myself have benefited greatly from the annointing spirit that overflows beyond the walls of Cornerstone.

  43. Darla: what did you mean by “his kids don’t defame people for all the world to see”?

  44. It is easy to criticize the Cornerstone Church and Pitts until you analyze the situation. Most people who have problems with the Cornerstone are not looking at it from a religious point of view. For example, many of the critics are from the Catholic Church. They criticize the fact the pastor lives in a nice house, but it was recently reported that the Diocese of Boston is selling the bishops mansion for $90 million dollars, significantly more than Pastor Pitts home, and an Oblate home here in Toledo is going for over $300,000. They also have issue with the fact that the church building and furnishings are so nice, but imagine how much it would cost in today

  45. LE,
    You are right, I notice something about Toledo Area. I think alot of other churches, have a problem with the mixed congregation. I believe it was MLK that said the most segregated day in America is Sunday. I really believe Pastor Pitts is sincere and annoited. If someone was so concerned about thos so called young witnesses, wouldn’t you be more concerned about getting a creep off the streets. So many things in those cases didn’t add up. God Bless Pastor Pitts, Cornerstone Church, and all heares and doers of God’s word.


  47. I am a member of Cornerstone and I want to say to Kevin (and whoever else may be wondering) exactly what happened the service after the DUI. First off, Pastor Michael has never preached or obviously practiced abstinence. Drinking alcahol is not going to send you to hell no more than any action is. I think most people have driven when they probably shouldn’t and got out of it scot free (I know I have). I personally was really impressed with how Pastor handled the service. We let the media in that Thursday night. Pastor made no excuses for his actions and apolagized to the congregation. Afterward he recieved a standing ovation. He wasn’t drunk. That’s still no excuse to do what he did. But I believe that people who give no grace to others better hope they don’t ever need any. I value Pastor Michael enough that aside from preaching herasy, there is nothing that will keep me from being blessed by his ministry.

  48. Hey!! did ya miss me?? Ok, Im tired of arguing about the Pittster. Let God handle him. But for the record, I am a pastors wife. Yes I am. We pastor a small church, (no, Im not jealous, I wouldn’t want a large church, too much stress) and I have an incurable disease. We also are losing our insurance because the church can’t afford it. Yeah, sad situation. So I’ve been a little stressed with that lateley, that’s why I’ve been gone from this. If people want to support Pastor Pitts, so be it. That’s their business. I wouldn’t personally want to go to his church, but I sure do wish people would be more concerned about taking care of pastors and family’s of smaller churches, rather than making sure that The Big Guys get the bells and whistles. My opinion. Sorry, kinda crabby (lol, crabwalk, get it) tonight. Well, Im glad someone missed me!!

  49. Julie: I just liked seeing you going back and forth with Dan. BTW, have you looked into going on disability? Im an attorney and helped a small church that had a similar situation… aka the pastor’s both were extremely ill. They went on disability because insurance companies have a propensity to make you cancel with premium increases, and viola… the government picked up their medical bills. If you are worried about losing your standard of living because disability won’t pay what your salary is you can have the church buy you a parsonage and pay for it the church can lease you vehicles. There are many (legal) ways to structure things where you can take the burden of insurance off the church. I specialize in 501’s and non-profits and in many of these situations the insurance climbs to 4 or 5 grand a month. It’s sad but there are ways to work around it and stick uncle sam with the outrageous price tag of medical coverage. Im sure your already looking into these things but hope I helped.

  50. Hi Hayden!! Thanks, and yes, I have applied for disability (though that makes me feel like a jerk) but anyway, Im just waiting right now. Everyone says they always turn you down though, and you have to fight. But thanks, you did give me some thoughts. And as far as the Pitts thing goes, if he’s so great, why does everyone feel they need to defend him so strongly. “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” If he didn’t do these things, then you have nothing to worry about, right? hmmmmmmm thoughts to ponder!!

  51. Oh, and Hayden, thanks for giving your name. You know how I feel about “no names” LOL Big Chickens!!

  52. Look people, if Pitts WASN’T guilty, why did he plea bargain with a sudden deal? Something smells fishy here… Here is a ‘man of God’ who lavishes himself in fine gold, designer clothes, fancy cars, and ultimate living with a $440,000 home on 30+ acres and his own private jet? When the good Lord walked this earth, he was clothed in simple robes with sandals or on many occassions wore callouses on the soles of his bare feet! Pastor Pitts is NO ‘man of God’…he is a sheep in wolves’ clothing. If he and his ‘congregation’ have ‘donated’ gifts to the inner city children, why not donate a house, car, jewelry and money to MY family who work so hard for the things they are struggling to get instead of lining their pockets with Fools’ gold?

  53. Doesn’t it say in the Bible that you are to tithe to the church 10% of your wages? Like hello people…that’s 10% to the church…NOT the pastor! I personally know that this man is SO narcissistic that he had a dental work overhaul done when Cornerstone first came to town…because he thought his messed up teeth didn’t project the proper image!! And the image STILL continues…flashy cars, jewelry, fancy duds…etc–who’s image is that?? NOT GOD’S!!

  54. Kat: Pastor Michael does not have a private jet please don’t spew out ignorance you know nothing about

  55. Did you wear braces Kristi? I did and so did my son and most of his friends. Getting caps on your teeth is no different. Another thing how ignorant are you to say somthing about paying 10% of your income to Pastor Michael. Do you have any idea what the tithes and offerings are for a 4,000 member church? It’s well in excess of 5 million dollars a year. Truse me Pastor Michael is not making a small fraction of that amount. If he were you’d better believe he would live in a far more expensive home than $440,000. Also do you realize how much he preaches out in a year? He has dozens and dozens of engagements annually. Do you think these mega-churches he preaches at aern’t paying him? I think not. Check out his books on or in Barnes and Noble. Those aern’t free. Rest assured that he makes far more from his speaking engagements and book royalties than his salary from cornerstone. You people are just jealous of his success and despite your best efforts, his church continues to grow. Thats what bothers you! If the city of Toledo had viable evidence againt Pastor Michael why would they have offered him a plea down. Theres some thoughts to ponder Julie. Cornerstone is aggressivly moving the kingdom forward, why don’t you check out one of their live services online? Maybe you’ll see. ( don’t you worry about your own walk and stop “judging another man’s servant” if you want reference scripture.

  56. I like the pastor.
    For me, it doesn’t matter if he did what he has been accused of…
    it doesn’t matter to me if he makes a billion dollars in a day.
    I dont care that he wears a diammond ring gifted to him.
    He is a good teacher and preaches for ME to follow the word. Which I do.
    I don’t expect anyone to understand the blessings in tithing, unless you tithe with a giving heart.
    I dont expect anyone to understand the blessings of being a child of Abraham….
    Nor do I expect anyone to understand what it’s like to climb up out of a pit so dark – that even IN the event the allegations were true against the Pastor –
    One can still see what a wonderful teacher he is.
    If he is one who strays from the path – he will eventually answer for it. He is a man, after all. He will be judged with the rest of us.
    I trust his teaching.
    He is a man who has guided my learning well.
    I donot follow him – I follow Christ…
    so I don’t sweat the small stuff.

  57. matthew! touchy touchy aren’t we? settle down now. I would bet he has more than one home anyway! Oh, btw, I met mrs. pitts. hmmmmmm, woulda never pegged her for a pastors wife, until I was actually told who she was. she was kinda snotty! Don’t get your hackles up matthew and “no name” that’s just my opinion. oh, and kat? you go girl!!

  58. I can assure you, Michael Pitts only has one house and no jets. Isn’t it funny how when you type michael pitts into the search field of this site you get links to go and look at his books at and You should read one of his books Julie. Kathy is a very benevolent and kind lady, (shes not outgoing at all) which is probably why you thought she was snotty. Im sorry she doesn’t fit your stereotypical “pastors wife.” Then again, how can you objectivly judge Kathy when you’ve already misjudged her husband? Hmmmmm

  59. I guess I should have explained better Matt, but before I even knew who she was, she had already spoke to me, and had taken the Lords name in vain, to be exact “God, they’re all cute!” meaning men. So, yes, then when she heard I was a pastors wife, she then said that she was, and told me who she was. So, yeah, I certainly don’t say “God” unless Im saying it to speak to Him, or talking about Him to someone else. It doesn’t just “pop out of my mouth” as a cuss word or as “in vain.” Sorry to have hit a sore spot with you! But that’s the truth.

  60. I guess I should have explained better Matt, but before I even knew who she was, she had already spoke to me, and had taken the Lords name in vain, to be exact “God, they’re all cute!” meaning men. So, yes, then when she heard I was a pastors wife, she then said that she was, and told me who she was. So, yeah, I certainly don’t say “God” unless Im saying it to speak to Him, or talking about Him to someone else. It doesn’t just “pop out of my mouth” as a cuss word or as “in vain.” Sorry to have hit a sore spot with you! But that’s the truth.

  61. P.S. so, if you didn’t get that, it wasn’t at all because she was not “outgoing” that I thought her snotty at all. On the contrary, I thought she spoke alot!! Just was surprised when she told me who she was!

  62. Well I amy also be surprised your a pastors wife seeing as you gossip on an online forum about other pastors wives…

  63. LOL, and you’re not? What are you doing here? This is a discussion/comment area, and Im commenting on the subject at hand. Besides, I’ve said repeatedly, (if you care to look), that God will deal with Pitts, and I’m really sick to death of the whole thing. Besides that, I was telling the truth. Not spreading rumors. There is a difference. I think you need to know more than what Pitts and Clan want you to see in the saftey of the congregation. And. LOL, I knew you meant “MAY”, darn typing demons at it again, right?

  64. trust me, I do know more about Pastor Michael Pitts than the average perishener. Also, Im not the one that is acting like this shining beacon of light… like you are. So I don’t care that I am “gossiping,” besides Im not a pastors wife therefore I am also not bound by this imaginary code of behavior.

  65. All Right, all right, I never said I was a shining beacon of light. I just hold God’s name in high esteem. And His Word, and His People! And I don’t think that things are on the up and up at Cornerstone. My opinion. (oh, btw, for future reference, so your not emarassed again it’s spelled parishioner) Anyway. This forum is for talking about the subject at hand. And that’s what I’ve been doing just like everyone else. You know Matt, if you spent as much time arguing the CAUSE OF CHRIST, instead of the CAUSE OF PASTOR PITTS, maybe more people would be in Heaven someday. So, my friends, I’m not going to be here anymore. I don’t ever want to give the wrong impression, and be a stumbling block because of misinterpretations of what I’ve said. If anyone ever cares to chat with me, feel free to email me at, and I’ll be happy to talk with you. But enough is enough. Im beginning to feel like Im back in High School here. I’ll pray for you Matt. And others here. Hope that you make good decisions. God Bless~ Julie

  66. PS before I go. Matt, you SHOULD care about gossiping. It’s the same for all Christians. Not just the ones called to a pulpit and their families. Read your Bible, you’ll see it in there. We, as Christians ALL have a code of behavior we are to follow. It’s written in the Bible. It’s called the 10 Commandments. One of those happen to be “Do not take the Lords name in vain.” So, I assure you, I am not imagining anything. I just know that we, all Christians, are to set an example. And since for some reason, you are having a hard time with me, and I don’t want to cause you to stumble, I’m leaving this forum. But I’m always available for any of you to talk to.

  67. I’m just curious what would happen if everyone at Cornerstone quit tithing. Everyone would stop beign “blessed” and would probably go to hell, right. (I’ve heard Pitts say this from the pulpit). What a joke.
    I’m also curious why everone at Cornerstone who does tithe isn’t rich by now. After all that’s what they teach isn’t it, if you give enough you’ll get rich? By now you would think that everyone at Cornerstone should be rolling in wealth. I guess members of Cornerstone have enough faith to get saved but not enough faith to get rich. Again, what a joke.

  68. Your a joke. You have never heard Pastor Michael say anything like “not tithing will send you to hell.” Jesus is the only thing that sends you to heaven and not knowing him is the only thing that sends you to hell. Just because your poor doesn’t mean you should have anything against the message of tithing and blessing. That’s a biblical principal. Seed, time and harvest. Is the harvest less than the seed? Never. The bible says to bring your tithe into the storehouse and a blessing would be poured out on you. Prosperity preachers didn’t make that up. Maybe you should go to Cornerstone and break your impoverished mindset.

  69. I came back just to see if you had the nerve to comment again. It looks like we have some “Christian potty mouths” in here. Here is my last offer. If you have anything to say that’s worth while, and arent afraid to share your name and not be a coward. email me. Other wise, get over me. I know it’s hard.

  70. Your response shows how ignorant you are. I thought Jesus completed the law and prophets yet you quote it to support your “prosperity message.” You must be dumb as a stump to miss that one. Or is that just a oversight to twist scripture to support a false doctrine?
    By the way I did hear pitts say that along with the whole chruch that day. He said “I’m just about ready to say that your not saved if you don’t tithe.”
    I am poor, but I live in the realm of reality and don’t deceive myself into thinking that God want’s me rich. What about the scriprute that says “God has choosen the poor in this world to be rich in faith.” And “contentment with Godliness is great gain but those that teach that Godliness is the source of gain you are to withdraw from.” Read it in Timothy you simple minded Christian and do what the scripture says to do to those that preach the prosperity message – withdraw from them.

  71. Jesus completed the law but he didn’t disregard it. Where in the Bible do you get that we are supposed to withdraw from those who preach prosperity? The only reason you don’t want to tithe you think someone wants your money? You said yourself your poor.What is someone gonna do with your money anyway. God doesn’t need your money or desire it, he wants your obediance. The fact is that God cammanded us to tithe so thats that.

  72. You fool! Are you illiterate as well as ignorant? Can you not read, or do you need pastor Pitts to help you read as well as explain scripture to you. Have you not read in the New Testament that if you do one part of the law you are obligated to keep all of the law? If you tithe then you must become circumcised and if you become circumcised then you must sacrifice animals and if you sacrifice animals then you must keep the holy days etc

  73. You fool! Are you illiterate as well as ignorant? Can you not read, or do you need pastor Pitts to help you read as well as explain scripture to you. Have you not read in the New Testament that if you do one part of the law you are obligated to keep all of the law? If you tithe then you must become circumcised and if you become circumcised then you must sacrifice animals and if you sacrifice animals then you must keep the holy days etc

  74. You fool! Are you illiterate as well as ignorant? Can you not read, or do you need pastor Pitts to help you read as well as explain scripture to you. Have you not read in the New Testament that if you do one part of the law you are obligated to keep all of the law? If you tithe then you must become circumcised and if you become circumcised then you must sacrifice animals and if you sacrifice animals then you must keep the holy days etc

  75. ROFLMBO, yeah, do post it once more please, and while your at it, look up this verse: Matthew 5:22 BUT I TELL YOU THAT ANYONE WHO IS ANGRY WITH HIS BROTHER WILL BE SUBJECT TO JUDGEMENT. AGAIN, ANYONE WHO SAYS TO HIS BROTHER, ‘RACA’ IS ANSWERABLE TO THE SANHEDRIN. BUT ANYONE WHO SAYS, “YOU FOOL!” WILL BE IN DANGER OF THE FIRE OF HELL. I’d settle down on the “f” word if I were you.

  76. amen! You are a very good lecturer. You sure seem to have everything figured out I just hope you don’t ever need any grace or mercy since it is certain that you aern’t offering any to Pastor Michael or anyone elso for that matter.

  77. Im down-trodden that we have found a place to BB-Q those who try to serve a living God. Please know that as I am sorry for my past actions, I am thankful for God’s saving Grace, and the authority he gives me as a child of the King.
    The specific authority in this case would be applied to the owner of this forum. Shut it down with in 72 hours or I will sue you for slander. Myself, My family, and my church are passed the past, and I will not stand for defemation of charector. If 72 hours pass, and this forum still exists, my attorneys will be issuing your warrant.
    May God Bless

  78. Did MIchael Pitts really post that… Because if he did he cannot spell “defamation of character.” Call me funny but Pastor Pitts seems like a little more intelligent than that. Also attorneys don’t issue warrants, judges do. Attorneys file lawsuits. Also a fact I would assume the Pator knows. Nice try whoever you are.

  79. I can assure you that this forum is 100% protected by the constitution of the United States. Free speech is great isn’t it?

  80. A legal warrant. Defined under legal terminology, (in which I have an understudy degree in law) is most frequently referred to as a subpeona. A warranted legal documentation requiring a subjects attendance at a hearing.
    I’m not speaking of an arrest warrant, which is not actually issued by a judge. Rather the DA, deputy sherriff or a Sherriff himself.
    Non the less, Free speech is allowed unless it causes the “defamation” (sorry for the previous quirk, spell check is a genious) of character in more than verbalized, and reserved form, or prevention of potential income. Both clearly violated in this forum.
    48hr left.

  81. A legal warrant. Defined under legal terminology, (in which I have an understudy degree in law) is most frequently referred to as a subpeona. A warranted legal documentation requiring a subjects attendance at a hearing.
    I’m not speaking of an arrest warrant, which is not actually issued by a judge. Rather the DA, deputy sherriff or a Sherriff himself.
    Non the less, Free speech is allowed unless it causes the “defamation” (sorry for the previous quirk, spell check is a genious) of character in more than verbalized, and reserved form, or prevention of potential income. Both clearly violated in this forum.
    48hr left.

  82. A legal warrant. Defined under legal terminology, (in which I have an understudy degree in law) is most frequently referred to as a subpeona. A warranted legal documentation requiring a subjects attendance at a hearing.
    I’m not speaking of an arrest warrant, which is not actually issued by a judge. Rather the DA, deputy sherriff or a Sherriff himself.
    Non the less, Free speech is allowed unless it causes the “defamation” (sorry for the previous quirk, spell check is a genious) of character in more than verbalized, and reserved form, or prevention of potential income. Both clearly violated in this forum.
    48hr left.

  83. By the way, it’s Michael, not MIchael… easy isn’t it..
    And about the term warrant. A legal warrant. Defined under legal terminology, (in which I have an understudy degree in law) is most frequently referred to as a subpeona. A warranted legal documentation requiring a subjects attendance at a hearing.
    I’m not speaking of an arrest warrant, which is not actually issued by a judge. Rather the DA, deputy sherriff or a Sherriff himself.
    Non the less, Free speech is allowed unless it causes the “defamation” (sorry for the previous quirk, spell check is a genious) of character in more than verbalized, and reserved form, or prevention of potential income. Both clearly violated in this forum.
    48hr left.

  84. A buddy of mine used to video tape the services at Cornerstone. He was rather impressed by the large amounts of money collected every week and the men with guns to handle it all.

  85. A buddy of mine used to video tape the services at Cornerstone. He was rather impressed by the large amounts of money collected every week and the men with guns to handle it all.

  86. Dear IMpersonator,
    I think you perhaps mean undergraduate degree… because I’ve never heard of anything called an understudy degree.
    A warrant isn’t a “subpoena” (which you coincidentally also spelled wrong… try the spell check again). A warrant is: a writ issued usually by a judge or magistrate which commands an otherwise illegal act and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed. The warrants issued by a court normally are search warrants, arrest warrants, and execution warrants.
    A “subpoena” is what you and your understudy degree are referring to which is: a formal order commanding a person to appear in court under penalty. It is used to compel the testimony of witnesses in a trial. Usually it can be issued by a judge or by the lawyer representing the plaintiff or the defendant in a civil trial or by the prosecutor or the defense attorney in a criminal proceeding.
    Maybe you need to brush up on your law. BTW I happen to know Pastor Michael Pitts didn’t go to college. You should read his Bio. He certainly never earned any understudy degrees. I would be careful pretending to be someone else. Whats that called again… (I don’t have an understudy degree) oh yea FRAUD.

  87. Im sure Pastor Pitts isn’t the happiest about this forum… but you are doing more to defame his charactor by sounding like an idiot.

  88. It almost been 72 hours, are your attorneys issuing their warrants… er subpeona or subpoena (yea thats what it is).
    FYI: If you post on this forum again pretending to be Michael Pitts, I’m going to personally send him an e-mail and then maybe the real Pastor’s attorneys can issue you a warrant.

  89. Isn’t that hilarious? You would think, If I were going to impersonate someone of any stature at all that I would atleast spell things correctly and not say things like “I have an understudy degree in law.” Some peoples zeal needs redirected because it is more detrimental than it is beneficial.

  90. I just recieved this email from a friend. Not sure how he found this website, but none-the-less, I’m broken-hearted that my unfortunate past has been “BB-Q” (to quote my nonsense impersonator).
    I assure you I never studied law, I’ve never issued “warrants”, or any of that nonsense. I am doing my best as a servant of God to preach the gospel so that a lost and hurt people may come to know Jesus Christ. I am not interested in legal charges or threats, I only wish that whoever owns this forum would stop this nonsense. People imperonating others is in fact fraud, but more than this the word of God says, and I quote, “touch not mine annointed and do my prophets no harm”. Am I a prophet, well, I have received prophecy from God. Am I annointed, well, God annointed a donkey to speak in the old testament, so why can’t a man that is not perfect (being myself) be used of God. I am sincerly praying for all of you and I hope you all find a piece inside that would release you to the Word of God instead of wasted HOURS on the internet.
    Do I need to prove this is really me, NO, because it doesn’t matter. The truth is that God holds us and judges us and makes us accountable for our actions.
    You will not hear from me again on this forum, because I have better things to do than dig up peoples opinions of my past.
    May God richly bless you all!

  91. Pastor Michael Pitts NEVER goes by Mike. In fact, if you call him Mike he’ll correct you and ask you to please call him Michael. I find it painstakingly difficult to believe he would post as Mike Pitts on this firum, because he wouldn’t Once again, nice try. Your hilarious.

  92. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think “Mike Pitts” is non other than the infamous “Pastor Pitts” from this forum. Note the mispelled words and general language style. Yep, I think they are one in the same.

  93. Why are there so many people concerned about Cornerstone, if it’s not “their” money that people given to the church? Keep “your” money in your pocket, since you have a better use for it.

  94. Thankyou Doug. That has been my point. Pastor Michael has never, and will never post on this forum. Although I find posting here quite enjoyable.

  95. Speaking of spelling incorrectly, this is a forum, not a firum.
    Let the mean rest. He’s a great man with a past. THAT’S ALL. He does great things for lot’s o people!!!

  96. Let the “mean” rest?
    Perhaps you didn’t decipher this from my prior postings so let me make myself abundantly clear: I love Pastor Michael Pitts. He is one of the greatest men of God I, or for that matter the world, has ever known. The only people I am giving a hard time in this forum, are the idiots who are pretending to be him! I think it is socially and morally irresponsible to represent yourself as someone else, even if your intentions are good. More significantly, I believe these “imposters” are, at best, a poor representation of a man who I’ve come to realize has a shockingly superior intelect to that of the average person. Pastor Michael is, despite his lack of formal education, one of the most intelligent men I have ever known.
    There have I been flattering enough. I hope no one mistakes my devotion to the real Pastor Michael S. Pitts again!

  97. Mr. X,
    You said it best, Pastor Pitts one of great teachers of God’s word in this generation, I invite you to attend Cornerstone and see for yourself.

  98. I have been to quite a few services and I frequently watch online but I live too far away… unfortunatly… to attend faithfully.

  99. Why don’t you make meaningful comments or not make any at all. The last I checked this was a forum about Michael Pitts.

  100. Amazing.
    Simply amazing.
    I pray that today would be the day of salvation for all of my imposters, nay-sayers, and those who have fewer better things to do than to chat online about news from almost 10 years ago. I don’t care if you continue this forum about me. I don’t care if you let the “mean” rest. But in the middle of the hustle and bustle of your pathetic groveling, I hope you find Jesus.

  101. Josh, is there any way you could post the Police Report from the Delta arrest? Im not quite sure what to believe now. I think you certainly have to consider the fact that Pastor Pitts was out of the country on atleast 1 or 2 of the alleged dates he was accused of exposing himself in the park but the delta incident is perplexing me!


  103. Apparently Josh is too busy to check this forum any longer. Oh well. I would still really like to see the Delta Report. I have discovered there was not an “arrest” as has been claimed on this site. Pastor Pitts was ID’d by the boys at night while the cops shined a flashlight into the cruiser. A line up would have been nice. Also, if you read the articles, the Pastor was driving a Black Cadillac at the time and a “parishioner” saw him in his green Saab. This is perplexing me.

  104. At the time of the Delta incident, Pitts was driving a teal blue Saab; which was identified by two boys. During that time, Pitts was the only person in the city of Toledo, let alone Delta, driving a teal blue convertible Saab. The vehicle stood out and was recognizable for it’s color, make, model, and convertible status. It was difficult not to notice this car, nor identify it incorrectly.
    The police report is public record, and you can obtain a copy through the Delta police department.

  105. If I wanted to get a copy, yes I could get it…..anyone can. However, I don’t need the copy to know it’s true.

  106. What a childish statement. Nah, not gonna give you my name. And I frankly don’t care who you are. I’m known by the entire Cornerstone congregation….I don’t need the trouble or the headache. All I’ll say is I no longer go there. Thank goodness!!!
    I don’t need to see the act to know it’s true.

  107. I’m not mad in the slightest. The Delta incident is a completely separate incident. Separate in the fact that it happened years prior to the much public criminal case. Because this was a completely separate incident and Pitts did go to counseling for the Delta incident speaks volumes about the criminal case regarding his indecent exposure. This is why I did not actually have to witness the incident to know it’s all true. Furthermore, Pitts’ character is such that it makes it quite believable for me that he did it.
    I do not believe Pitts is doing great things. Quite the contrary, I believe he does more harm to the Body of Christ than good. Why is it that since he has a big church, he’s doing great things? That’s the mentality of America that he has found a foundation to preach upon. He’s more focused on speaking to asset owners. Of course, why would he want to speak with someone who doesn’t have any money? What does that person have to offer him? Nothing. The more his congregation makes, the more he makes…that’s reality. Based upon his preachings, the whole congregation should be multi-millionaires. But unfortunately that’s not the case. It’s sad because those people in his congregation who have real struggles to make it through life constantly feel like they don’t measure up because they don’t have the money or things that are expected of them. It’s a vicious cycle of those individuals always feeling inadequate and that they have no faith.
    I’m not arguing with your choice to go there. I went there for half my life. It took a lot of time and complete separation to finally make the decision to break away and stay away. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Pitts is not the end all be all in the “Charismatic” realm. He is just a man. If you’re looking for the truth, I promise you that you will never regret if you choose to leave there. God loves you regardless of where you go to church. You don’t need Pitts’ approval or covering. You need the Lord’s covering and to find a church that preaches His love and His true doctrines.
    Best wishes to you in finding your answers.

  108. I really cannot imagine anyone as “high profile,” in the city of Toledo at least, cognoscentely exposing themselves to some kids.
    C’mon, how stupid would he have to be? If he is a complete charlatan like you think, he must have built his church by plain business and marketing sense. Anyone that builds a multi-million dollar organization is not stupid, slow, ignorant or any such thing.
    I think you would have to agree he is a very sharp and intelligent man. Do you honestly think he would knowingly jeopardize his livelihood by exposing himself to some kids at a ball park.
    I don’t buy it.

  109. Sorry, I do buy it. There are others who have gambled everything doing far less…tell me why Pitts would be above it??? You can’t because he’s not…remember he’s just a man and every man has the capacity to do evil. Pitts is not exempt from sin because he’s carries the title of “Pastor” or “Apostle” or because he built a multi-million dollar organization.
    Furthermore, I do not agree that Pitts is a sharp, intelligent man. On the contrary, he is a manipulative, arrogant man.
    Let’s put him up on a pedestal. Shoot, while we’re at it, why don’t we just put candles around him and pray in his name. Obviously, he is above reproach.

  110. How does being arrogant and manipulative have anything to do with intelligence? If anything they are a by product of intelligence.
    No one is going to pray in his name. That’s the childish statement.
    Finally, no one said he was exempt from sin. I’ve never questioned whether or not he sinned. I have questioned if his indescrepencies subtract from the validity of his message.

  111. “I have questioned if his indescrepencies subtract from the validity of his message”….I guess that something you need to ponder upon.
    The praying in his name statment was a paraphrased quote taken from his message directly after his drinking and driving arrest….you might want to get the tape or have we forgotten about that arrest as well? Yes, all these incidents do subtract from the validity of his message. Try reading the 6th chapter of I Timothy that says withdraw thyself from those that preach godliness is a source of gain. This is the foundation of Pitts’ message to his congregation. So why are you still there if the Bible commands to withdraw from those that preach inerrant doctrine? Let’s just say he didn’t drink and drive or masterbate publicly, regardless he is clearly preaching false doctrine. You want to differentiate his doctrine from his behavior, but from a Biblical perspective they are both inerrant.
    Last I checked, being arrogant and manipulative were not by-products of intelligence. They are by-products of being worshipped and idolized. Hey, if you want to defend a pastor who is arrogant and manipulative…more power to you. I’d rather have a pastor who is filled with love and compassion….two qualities definitely lacking in Pitts.

  112. He has nothing valuable to offer except false doctrine…why is that so difficult for you to grasp?
    You like talking in circles…you’re not really making a valid point here, especially when you need to bring River Phoenix into it. That’s my cue to exit stage right. I can’t make you think differently, nor can you make me. You want to argue a point that is mute. You have a free will to go to his church. Go, give him your money and listen to his false doctrine.
    I’m done.

  113. First off, I don’t go to his church nor have I ever attended or given him any money. That’s an improper assumption on your part.
    Secondly I must say its amazing how you go from wishing me luck on finding the answers I’m looking for to being a complete prick. But I know, your not mad in the slightest.
    What do you call what your doing here? You have the same response to everything just like I do.
    Uhhh false doctrine… uhhh he wants your money… uhhh false doctrine
    Okay. Just because you can take a scripure out of context doesn’t mean you have Michael Pitt’s number. The bible says to judge someone by his fruit. Michael Pitts has a church that is growing AND winning souls for Chirst, he is feeding the hungry, he’s building a world class ministry from Toledo Ohio. Cornerstone is impacting the city of Toledo in positive ways no matter what you think. I don’t even have to examine the fruit in your life to know thats more than what you’ve done.

  114. Oh, looks like I stuck a nerve. You’re defensiveness is coming out. I’m still not angry, but it seems you’d like me to be.
    Like I said, I can’t make you think differently, nor can you make me. You want to argue a point that is mute. I’ve been to Cornerstone, have you? My reference is based upon years of experience. I don’t say these things lightly, I say them because I’ve witness much…much more than you’d ever know.
    I’ve never called you anything close to a prick. Is that your fruit dropping to the ground? I’m sure you can’t let this die….you’re character is such that you must have the last word. Say what you will. The stage door is closed.

  115. I thought you were “done.”
    Let me make something clear, you don’t know anything about my character. If my worst quality is loyalty, then I guess that’s okay.
    Rest assured, I know Michael Pitts better than you would ever wish to know him. In this instance, your years of experience isn’t as valid as you’d wish.

  116. Let me just say that when you verbally attack Michael Pitts on this forum, your not attacking him anymore. He

  117. I thought this forum died, if you have a problem with Pastor Michael Pitts, take it the Lord in prayer. Because, only God can judge use with regard to his will. What Cornerstone Church is doing, is beautiful and successful. If it’s not to God’s glory, it would fail. I don’t foresee that happening. You people need to pick up a Bible and get a church home, instead of judging someone that is following God will for his life.

  118. What exactly is the Cornerstone Church Affiliation? I was in Maumee today and saw the church for the first time. Watching the people walk in brought back flashbacks of when I was part of a cultish church called the International Churches of Christ…I checked out the website and an eerie feeling came over me….it presents the church the same that the ICOC does.

  119. ooooh scary. Well, coincidentally Cornerstone is not a cult. They are non-denominational. As far as thinking the people were walking in funny… ummm… I guess I can believe you were once a member of a cult.

  120. he’s a big jerk who should mind his business (Oh I guess he’s a stereotypical journalist) and leave people alone. If someone wants to read an article on Pitts, they could do a search on the blades website. Any reasonable person would do this seeing as he lives in Toledo. Similarly, if anyone wants to read an article written by Josh Benton they could visit the DMN’s website. Of course (obviously) these are hypothetical circumstances because no one reads Benton’s writing.

  121. Hey, anonymous: I guess no one reads my writing except you, who keeps coming back to my site five times a day to leave anonymous comments calling me “gay” and “asshole.”
    How is Charlotte this time of year, anyway? Warming up yet?

  122. I respect that you feel you are not in a cult. But, I firmly believed I wasn’t in a cult either….when I was involved. The ICOC
    (originally the Boston Church of Christ) presents itself to be the one true, radical church with the best teaching, discipling, outreach (Matthew 28….Go and make disciples was preached regularly in a way that the church operated on a type of pyramid marketing scheme—you had to be fruitful or you made to feel (somtimes rebuked)that you weren’t doing your job as a disciple…) I noticed the Cornerstone website to refer to common terms the ICOC used like “radical”, “first principles” “awesome” “renewing minds” “transforming”…. So, what, exactly, does Michael Pitts teach and expect from you as a member of his church? Does he teach that Cornerstone is the one, true church? Do you have a system of discipling or spiritual guidance your expected to seek? Are there a series of steps you must follow in order to be truly saved (like a series of studies, profession, then baptism?) Does he use words like “rebuke” and “radical” in his messages? Do his messages make you feel like you aren’t doing enough but you find yourself fretting over where you’re going to find more time or how you’re going to explain to loved ones why you have to spend even MORE time doing church-related things? Are you pushed to bring people to church and invite so many per month? How are offerings handled? How are church leaders selected? I noticed they all look young and hip. Is there an image trying to presented through the leadership to attact young, professionals to the church? Do you feel like you have to give more than you can afford or are you made to feel guilty regarding how much you do or don’t tythe? Do you feel that you HAVE to be there every time the doors are open or you’ll be questioned as to why you weren’t? Are you expected to get advice about all aspects of your life from people who are more spiritually mature than you are? Has your involvement in Cornerstone alienated you from your family? Do you find yourself not telling them everything because they just wouldn’t understand/agree? Can you walk away from the church today if you don’t agree with what’s being taught or do you feel like they have you so wrapped that you would have to sneak away and break all connections? Can you openly talk about your concerns with other members (like the Pitts fiasco I have seen messages about)about issues in the church you don’t agree with?
    I wish someone had opened my eyes and asked me these questions…. Maybe I wouldn’t have listened anyway, who knows. But, the one thing that made me open my eyes to the reality of my church was the internet and a website called reveal. (Of course, I hadn’t to surf in secret and never told anyone at church that I was questioning the church) I felt like I had become so obsessed/convinced that I was in the “one, true church” that I couldn’t leave or I would surely “lose” my salvation. Do you feel like this?
    If you have answered yes to any of these questions its time to start questioning your leaders. After all, they have been given the charge of teaching you the truth and will be accountable for it. If you don’t feel like you can approach a leader, why not? Are you going to be labeled in some way….such as proud or self-righteous? I don’t mean to give you a hard time but just want to encourage you to seek the truth and remember that your relationship with God, and answering to God is more important than answering to a leader of Cornerstone……
    God Bless You

  123. wow this is a trip! I am a part of the pitts family and reading this has been both hilarious and very very sad. Its so easy to stand outside a situation and form opinions based on the malarky that the media puts out there, as well as the gossip of others. I can tell you for a fact a number of things. Firstly, many many individuals in the city of Toledo were and have been very unhappy about Michael Pitts once the church started to grow big. For MANY reasons. alot of those individuals were other pastors/priests in the city and alot were in a city/government office or political office. Curious to note a few things here that were never brought out or known or told in or by the media: 3 months before the big “arrest” a few city/government/police officials called a certain individual in the police department, in the investigations, and spoke to this person. They asked him “what dirt can we create on Pastor Michael Pitts?” they wanted to smear him. Unbeknownst to them, they were talking to his UNCLE!!! Since his last name is not pitts, they didnt know he was related to him. He never gave them any inkling of an idea either, since he wanted to keep the door open for them so he would know what they were up to. This info was disclosed via tape recordings to the defense and they were ready to use it.
    Secondly: The majority of the “sitings” of indecent exposure were DOCUMENTED days of OUT OF THE COUNTRY travel of the pastor. He is frequently in other cities and out of the country and so none of those charges stuck because you sure can’t argue with airline info and 3000 people who were listening to you preach in their country that day! The other “sitings” were also valid alibi’s with one being the pastor was at the church with 230 members doing a leadership meeting.
    Thirdly: During the beginning of the trial, more than 4 people (women)reported to the police that the individual they saw had an uncanny likeness to michael pitts and they gave a description of a car that was later followed up on and the individual that owned the car DID have a definite likeness to the pastor, as well as a record as long as your arm of indecent exposure and assault!! And NO alibis for ANY of the sitings!
    Fourthly: 4 hours BEFORE the infamous arrest, a cornerstone member working at the blade was startled to see the headlines OF the ARREST printed BEFORE it ever happened!!! and called and tried over and over to contact the church (it was a service night)to let someone know.
    FIFTHLY:The reason INDEED that the case was dropped was definitely because of purgery. The park ranger on the stand lied about seeing Pastor Pitts on a few occasions, (since he had solid alibi of being out of the country preaching and was actually televised on those dates live preaching in those countries)So the judge called up the prosecution and the defense, they went into chambers and they proved purgery. Case was dropped then and there, because there then WAS NO CASE. The judge was SOOOO MAD! Absolutely furious. And so he handed out the sentence that he did because he knew he was innocent and he hated that fact.
    ****There is soooo much more I could tell you about people and facts and craziness, but it would be a book******
    LASTLY: I am a family member, and I know him well. He has never done these things, and don’t believe the garbage you hear about offerings and services etc etc. They aren’t true, and if you want to believe bad about someone, then you will. But it is idiotic and foolish to make a judgement when you are unaware of a million facts that are never presented to you.
    He loves the congregation with all his heart, and he DOES point to Jesus in his preaching teachings writings etc. YOU would know that if you knew him or even attended any services.

  124. I gotta say, I’m overwhelmed by the fact that so many “Christians” would rather gossip about the past and put down and talk trash about a congregation or minister of the gospel. How sad. I am not a member of Cornerstone, but my membership is at another church in the city, but I still find it very disgusting that people would rather gossip about a pastor who has struggled, rather than pray for Him and trust God to work things out as only He can. What good is all this gossiping and backstabbing doing the Kingdom of God? If you are that concerned about a so called “false-prophet” or a church being led astray by false teachings then get on your knees and do some real intercession pray for this man and these people….oh and one more thing…Lord, you are awesome!! Jesus I love you…thank You Lord…thank You Lord…yes yes…thank You Lord….bless your wonderful wonderful loving saving redeeming powerful name!!! I thank You Lord!! Thank You Lord for all that you are doing in my life and in the lives of those who you have called and anointed for this season!!! Send your wonderful presence and your fire on each one who reads this!!! and I thank You Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Please let this die. I do not care about your efforts to attack me, but you all need Jesus. (except my cousin)

  126. hahahaha! Im sure your cousin is the only saved person that has contributed to this board. You’re not Michael Pitts.

  127. After reading all the posts I just can’t believe it.. instead of bashing Pastor Pitts we should be lefting him up in prayer.. If these things are true ( which only God and Pastor Pitts really know ) then we should be protecting him. Not tearing him down. I have been to Pastor Pitts church and seen him do AWESOME things for the Lord. How can God bless Someone if they are living in Sin? All that matters now is that if this things are true is that Pastor Pitts ask for forgivenss and moves on. I know that Im not perfect I have done and said things that I wish I can take back but I can’t there is nothing you can do but Ask God for forgiveness. It says in the bible that God forgives and FORGETS. Why can’t we all do the same?

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