weekend preview

Hours spent working on the first four days of this week: 14.5, 11, 16.5, 13.
Today’s shaping up for about 12, to be followed by a six-hour drive to Louisiana tonight. If you saw me on TXCN this morning, I apologize for the enormous wheeled garment bags under my eyes. (I also apologize for my nascent beard, but for different reasons.) If I haven’t returned your phone call or answered your email in the last week, again, apologies.
One pathetic side effect of being on TV once in a while: I am painfully aware of which side is my “good” side. (It’s the left.) I’m also painfully aware that the TXCN studios require my right side to be front and center.
(I guess this song is actually about me.)
Anyway, I’ll be in Rayne tomorrow, lunching with James Sunday, then heading to New Orleans for dinner with CDMOM trader Jennifer and, Monday, my ritual humilation.
Hopefully I’ll have gotten some sleep by then. That’ll also help with the roughly 3,526 angry voice mail messages I expect I’ll have when I go back to work on Tuesday.

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  1. no story. just haven’t shaved in a couple weeks. looking a little grizzly adams. there’s a good chance it won’t survive the weekend.

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