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Leon Salt, the man who runs Pitcairn Island has been fired. Longtime readers will remember I went to Pitcairn, one of the most remote inhabited places on earth, in 1999 and wrote a few stories about it. (Main one here [part one] and here [part two].)
Pitcairn’s in a heap of trouble nowadays, since seven of the 45 islanders (and six other ex-Pitcairners) are now facing child rape and molestation charges. Allegedly, sex between adult men and girls has been a Pitcairn tradition for decades. The men are set to go on trial next year, and island supporters fear that if the trial could tear the island apart and empty out what’s left of its minuscule population. It’s an amazing and tragic story.
Leon and I had a few squabbles regarding my trip to Pitcairn, but I never had any doubt he’s a good guy with the island’s interests at heart. His superiors are alleging he tried to obstruct justice. I’ve got no idea, but the most heartening thing about his sacking is this quote: “Believe me, I will have a lot to say on this very shortly.” Since there aren’t any reporters who cover Pitcairn on a regular basis, there’s been a weird lack of information on the trial and the investigation. I’m really looking forward to hearing what Leon has to say.

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