red stick ramblers and sea ray update

Bands With Members I Went To School With Update, No. 1: The new Red Stick Ramblers album comes out tomorrow (Tuesday). Their first was terrific, and I’ve no doubt the second will be even better. (The Ramblers, for those not in the know, combine traditional Cajun music with Bob Wills-style Western Swing and Django Reinhardt-style gypsy music. Lots of fast fiddles and beats made for dancin’. I went to high school with mandolin auteur Josh Caffery.)
Bands With Members I Went To School With Update, No. 2: The new disc from Sea Ray, Brooklyn’s finest band, is out October 21. But it’s available for direct order now. Mark my words, indie rockers — I’ve heard most of the new album, and these guys are about to blow up. Get in while it’s still cool. (Check out the review in this week’s New York magazine. I went to college with I-Huei and Greg.)

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  1. You’re going to love the new Ramblers album. I’ve had my DJ copy for a few weeks now, and I’ve probably listened to it a dozen times. Two Josh Caffery originals, including my new favorite song, “Main Street Blues”. Looking forward to your review!

  2. OK, I misread that first one as the “Red Clay Ramblers.” They’re a southern bluegrass band that’s been around forever it seems – give them a listen as well if you’re in to that kind of twang.
    Josh, you’re usually dead-on with the cd recommendations, so I just ordered the Sea Ray disc. Have fun in Africa!

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