emusic dies, going to africa

Sadly, the glory that was Emusic is coming to an end. No more unlimited downloading, and the prices are going up. I guess it had to happen. Do your downloading now (or at least by Nov. 8).
In 45 minutes, I leave for Dulles and hop on a British Airways jet to London. I’ll be in the U.K. for 12 hours (anyone with suggestions on how best to spend 12 hours in London are welcome), then it’s another 11-hour flight to Lusaka, Zambia.
Everyone who’s reading this should shift their Josh-alloted attention away from crabwalk.com for the next six weeks and to zambiastories.com, where I’ll be posting as often as I can about my journey and my observations. When you hear from me next I’ll be in Africa (and dead tired).

5 thoughts on “emusic dies, going to africa”

  1. Hey kid, long time no see. I’m taking my news reporting class in your honor. My teacher works for the crappy local paper, so he’s biased and thinks it’s the greatest thing since peanut butter. I wanted to wish you luck in Zambia. Know that you have been (and will continue to be) missed.
    Love life and live it as you will.

  2. 12 hours in London? Hmmm, enough time for bounty hunting. Fifty percent of $30,000?
    But alas, you’ve probably already put in your time in the hometown of the dirty, rotten scoundrel.

  3. Yes, sadly emusic is going the way of all good things on the internet: Paid for and limited.
    Have fun in Africa. Don’t get killed or eaten or malaria. Represent.

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