joe pernice on the smiths

Joe Pernice, leader of the Pernice Brothers and former copy editor for Cosmo Girl, has written a new novella about the classic Smiths album Meat is Murder. (Well, actually about a dorky Boston teenager who loves the album to pieces.) Here’s an excerpt:
“Why don’t you listen to something else…like jazz? That Smith Family is so depressing,” offered my mother, simply doing her best to help, and I blamed her for it. “No wonder you don’t feel like getting up,” she added, leaving a basket of folded laundry inside my room without coming in. “Their poor mother and father.” I rolled over on the bed so that if she had anything else to say, it would be to my back. Even as I was acting like a hateful little shit, I knew I loved her, but I could not stop myself from excluding her from my life in a hurtful way. It’s endearing now, the way she thought The Smiths were a real dysfunctional family. But then I was embarrassed both for her and for myself.
“They’re not related. It’s just a band name, like The Dead Kennedys,” I snapped (though at that time the Dead Kennedys were a band I knew by name alone), and closed the door hard in her face with my foot. “Besides, it makes me feel good.”
She stood outside for a few seconds, then she sighed. I could hear her footsteps moving down the hardwood hallway until I jacked up the volume knob on the tape player. Once again, thankfully, I was alone. I took a pen and some paper from my bag and started to write Allison yet another note I would never send. I flipped the tape from front to back as I imagined her on her bed, listening to a girlfriend on the phone, with her feet against the wall.

It’s part of the 33 1/3 series, “a new series of short books about critically acclaimed and much-loved albums of the last 40 years.”

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  1. the smiths suck BIG TIME
    shame on you for not knowing the dead kennedys
    go listen to your OH I’M SO DEPRESSED AND GOTH bullshit smiths garbage

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