kexp countdown

If you’re stuck at work today, keep focused by pulling on those headphones and listening to KEXP Seattle right now. They’re running down the best of 2003, and it’s a very solid selection so far. (As I type, they’re around No. 60; the last few songs have included faves Clem Snide, the Rapture, Mojave 3, and Beulah.)
If I don’t see you before then, have a glorious new year, peoples.

3 thoughts on “kexp countdown”

  1. Yes. Stuck at work.
    Now I’m stuck at work listening to good musica.
    This is my first time hearing “Kings of Leon”.
    Not sure what I think yet.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I think Kings of Leon are a bit overrated. Not horrible, but a touch too much hype for their merits. Particularly while giants like My Morning Jacket still stride the earth.

  3. You need to write more about Toledo: its trend-setting culture, people, landmarks…(and chicks..they still call them chicks in To-lee-do). This is a city that’s on the verge, if you know what I mean…it’s ready to break out….And I’m not seeing a dern thing in Crabwalk (and I don’t understand why).
    You need to devote a special place on your page to Toledo Stories (and maybe with some passing references to The Sister City, Pittsburgh).
    You’ve got the ancient Sports Arena, ZOO, art museum (which saves the city’s ass)…you’ve got Jamie Farr (remember him?)…Tony Packo’s Health Foods, etc.
    You’ve got JRB!
    Mike and Mitch

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