new pew blogs debut

You may remember that I was a Pew Fellow in International Journalism last fall, which took me to Zambia for six weeks.
You may also remember that I kept a blog,, while I was overseas.
Assuming your medication is working, you may also remember that I set up blogs for several of my fellow Pew Fellows while they were off galavanting in the countries of their choice. (Jeremy Kahn in Ivory Coast; Noel Paul in Russia; Marcia Franklin in Iran; Jessie Deeter in Sierra Leone; Suzanne Marmion in Egypt; Antrim Caskey in Argentina.)
Well, one of the many things that have kept me busy of late has been setting up and hosting blogs for the next batch of Pew Fellows. I hereby present:
Recuerdos, a blog from Mexico by Molly Hennessy-Fiske of The (Raleigh) News & Observer.
Moscow to the End of the Line, a blog from (duh) Russia by Nathan Hodge of Defense Week.
Anatolian Diary, a blog from Turkey by Siobhan Roth of Legal Times.
Tales From Kenya, a blog from, um, Kenya by Sadie Babits of Arizona Public Radio.
They’ll all be well worth reading, not least because they’re all fabulous people who are working on terrific stories. So bookmark ’em today — they’ll all be in country for the next 5.5 weeks.

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