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The second photo in this photo gallery is one of the most disturbing images I’ve seen in an American newspaper. (The caption, to properly alert the squeamish: “UNCLAIMED: A worker, carrying the body of a baby, makes his way through corpses piling up at the General Hospital’s morgue in Port-au-Prince after weeks of political violence. PETER ANDREW BOSCH/HERALD STAFF.”)

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  1. They can show dead Haitian babies, but not the flag-draped coffins of fallen American soldiers. I love how honourable this country is!

  2. Actually, I know a little of the back story on The Herald’s decision to run that photo. Apparently there was quite a bit of internal debate as to whether it was too graphic. I have a friend who works there who happens to be of Haitian descent. According to him, the editors asked all the Haitian-Americans in the newsroom whether they found the photo disrespectful. Not everyone agreed on the answer and the editors decided that it should run – but just not on the front page.

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