chromeo rocks

In slightly happier news, the Chromeo album kicks 19 flavors of ass. Imagine the robot from Short Circuit had come alive and become 1986’s top NYC DJ, crafting electro-funk paeans to rusty robot love.
Those of you with a fat connection can listen to a streaming version of the album here. I’ve got a special place in my heart for “You’re So Gangsta” and “Rage!” Two MP3s available for download, too. Perhaps best of all, you can hear a few tracks here in what could be termed their natural environment: as the background to video of people rollerskating in too-tight shorts.

3 thoughts on “chromeo rocks”

  1. i just know “you’re so gangsta” (mixed by playgroup) and i think it’s good enough. i can’t stop listening…
    i would love to have the lyrics…

  2. If you have the chance to see Chromeo live, run, don’t walk! They played in NYC the other night. Wow. P Thug on the talkbox is like Roger Troutman of Zapp reincarnated.

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