whisd update, nyt thieves

I had another Wilmer-Hutchins story in Saturday’s paper — about how the district now says it won’t be able to pay its teachers for two more weeks.
Check Monday’s front page for what should be another fun Wilmer-Hutchins tale. Collect them all!
Also, some of you East Coasters may be interested to note The Gray Lady herself, The New York Times, decided to poach my stories of the last two weeks for a Sunday article of its own. It’s always fun to see one’s work, er, repurposed by another outlet of fine journalism (even if at least one error was introduced in the carbon-copying process). Since the NYT seems to operate on the assumption that all evil in the education world originates in Texas, I’m sure the story was a pretty easy pitch to editors.

2 thoughts on “whisd update, nyt thieves”

  1. Oh, I didn’t write the NYT story. But 90% of the story was lifted from my reporting in other stories. (And as I said, one section was lifted inaccurately.)
    It’s not a journalistic crime, really, although it’s kinda annoying.

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