hello maud newton, reading this in rss

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Maud Newton is one of the world’s great humans. (Maud, I’m available for blurb duty on your next book jacket.)
The latest evidence is this article she wrote for Maisonneuve about blogging. Particularly paragraphs five and six of page two, in which my “mild exhibitionism” is outed for the literary world to see.
The fact Maisonneuve is Montreal-based continues this site’s habit of being hopelessly overexposed in the Canadian media (National Post, Toronto Star, Shift, the CBC). Uncle Sam’s scribblers have been less receptive.

3 thoughts on “hello maud newton, reading this in rss”

  1. Would you kindly inform Ms. Newton that Amway and preaching are not endeavors to be equated?
    That’s probably not even what she was implying, but my tolerance for flippant secularism is waning. I just don’t think it’s funny anymore.

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