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Random, disjointed, Nyquil-addled thoughts:
– I am sick. Sick as a dog. A dog who hasn’t gotten its shots. And hasn’t been eating his Science Diet at proper intervals. Fever got up to 103.5 last night, and I last slept on Friday night. Bone-shaking chills alternating with sixth-circle-of-hell sweats. Body aches, sandpaper throat, a throbbing head. All around fun times.
Sure sounds flu-ish, but I suspect the assortment of fried objects at the State Fair on Saturday played a role.
On the plus side, I’m feeling significantly better now, thanks. Fever’s down to about 100, and the headache is mostly gone.
– The act of seeking medical attention today was made more difficult by the fact my poodle-loving doctor has shut down his practice. Declared bankruptcy. I hope his poodle will be okay.
– For the record: fried S’mores > fried Snickers > fried marshmallows.
– Got a new cell phone, so you can ignore that note from a couple days ago. Number is the same as before.
– Wonkette has got plenty of links to the Jon Stewart/Tucker Carlson smackdown.
– My fantasy football team, the Bum Phillippi, continues to excel. This week’s matchup was a clash of the nerd-sports-fan titans, as the B.P. took on the only other undefeated team in the league, Orlando Cabrera.
Only one man’s misguided projection of his masculinity would be left standing! Only one man would still be able to vicariously live his high school fantasies of athletic success through the large, well-paid gentlemen of the NFL!
That one man is, natch, me, as the B.P. made mincemeat out of that mouse. The Phillippi now stand alone atop the league at 6-0. I suspect the ’72 Dolphins are getting nervous.

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