yawhs and off to rayne

Here’s my story from today’s paper — on Wilmer-Hutchins, not cheating. If there’s a musty smell about it, it’s because I wrote it back in November and it’s been holding ever since, for a variety of reasons.
I’m off to Louisiana tomorrow for Festivus. Blogging is likely to drop from “semi-regular” to “sporadic” and, later, “scattered.” Perhaps “rare.”

One thought on “yawhs and off to rayne”

  1. “Perhaps ‘rare'”?!?!
    I hope you don’t mean no more crabwalk.com. I don’t like the sounds of that at all. You have definitely kept me reading for several years now. I’d hate to think I wouldn’t have the chance to read your work any longer.
    I hope this is a misreading of your words.
    But if you must leave it, you must leave it.

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