mac mini, baby signs

How powerful is the new Mac Mini? Charles Jade has run the benchmarks, although I believe the yellow and blue bars in the chart constitute unsanctioned use of benchmarking software.
When my progeny eventually arrive on this earth — and during that brief window of time before they summon up their superpowers, no doubt inherited from their mother’s side, and conquer the known world — I am so going to teach them Baby Signs, just like Eric Meyer has.

3 thoughts on “mac mini, baby signs”

  1. That is the single funniest thing you’ve ever posted. I had to forward it to Cate Locke who always suspected you had a thing for superheroes.

  2. Thanks for the Vanderslice heads-up. “Bill Gates Must Die” alone is worth the time to download that album, not to mention the fact that JV is brilliant, and a swell guy to boot.

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