josh wins!

For those of you wondering what I was happy about a few days ago, it was this.
For those of us who write about schools, the National Awards For Education Reporting are our Oscars. And this year, I won two. One was for Best Investigative Reporting, for all the Wilmer-Hutchins and cheating stories I’ve been foisting upon readers the last few months. I’m sharing that award with two of my colleagues, the illustrious Holly Hacker and the esteemed Herb Booth.
The one I’m even more excited about — the one that threatens to boost my hat size from 10-gallon to something meant for industrial use — is the Best Beat Reporter prize, which goes to the one education reporter with the best overall body of work in 2004.
Anyway, that’s why I was happy; apologies for the unseemly braggadocio. I get to pick up the awards in May at what will no doubt be a lavish, star-studded red-carpet ceremony in lovely St. Petersburg, Florida, in May. I assume Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty will be seated in the front row, wearing shades and acting like dirty old men every time Charlize Theron walks by.

23 thoughts on “josh wins!”

  1. That is EXCITING! I’m thrilled for you – it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. But I’ll do without seeing your creamy white thighs, thanks all the same.

  2. You deserve it; your reporting and writing on the cheating scandal were top-notch every step of the way.
    Beer’s on me next time you’re on Jefferson Street.

  3. Damn! I thought you’d gotten a job up here writing for the Globe!
    But this is better– congrats!! Very proud of you 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Josh!
    Buy a nice new suit for the awards, so Joan and Melissa won’t make fun of you when you’re coming up the red carpet.

  5. top notch investigaroty journalism. (You have to watch zoolander to get that joke… after you’ve watched it you’ll wish you haden’t)

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