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How to cut your phone bills.
The growing pains of Lonely Planet.
Get Your War On takes on Mugabe. “Hell, invisible mayonnaise makes more sense than fueling an arms race between India and Pakistan.” And: “I had a great idea for a comic about the Pentagon’s post-9/11 progress in teaching Arabic skills to its military personnel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip-art picture of a committee of retarded snails with one thousand thumbs stuck up their butts slowly backing away from a burning tower into a bottomless pit of molasses.”
Recommended listening: Connie Price and the Keystones (wide-angle early ’70s soul); Spoon’s Gimme Fiction (soooooo good…a big jump over the last one, even though they’re jumping backwards); The Go! Team (ohmygod so good! sounds like the best theme music to ’80s Nickelodeon anime ever — and/or Beulah on Zoloft); Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois (I didn’t think it could happen, but it’s better than Michigan).