wilmer-hutchins stories

Forgot to link to a trio of Wilmer-Hutchins stories last week: Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s. That last one is probably the one most worth your valuable time, if only for the opening sentence: “The Wilmer-Hutchins school district has $2.8 million in bank debt, $3 million more in teacher salaries it can’t pay and $70 in the bank.”
And no, there are no missing zeros in that last number — $70.

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  1. that’s at least one nice dress, a pair of jeans, okay Nike sneakers, a quality dinner, entrance to Busch Gardens (plus a bag of popcorn), a one-way flight to New Orleans, a haircut at a nice salon, an hour massage, several oil changes OR reduced-price lunches for 155 kids. really, a school administrator could have a lot of fun with $70. pass it on…

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