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Remember when I mentioned a couple weeks ago that had somehow been mentioned on the General Achievement Test given to graduating Australian high schoolers?
Well, I snagged a copy of the test from the authorities down under, and it’s true! The test features a reading passage from superstar blogger and Friend of Crabwalk Maud Newton. It’s an adaptation of a piece she wrote for Maisonneuve about how she got into blogging. It highlights the “blend of mild exhibitionism and cultural commentary” Maud seems to think I produce here.
Anyway, scans of the passage and questions: page 1 and page 2.
By the far the best question: “The writer suggests that Josh Benton’s website was worthwhile mainly because it was: (a) scholarly, (b) excessive, (c) subversive, (d) interactive.”
I leave the answer to that one up to the reader. Write-in votes for “(e) Benton’s site is not actually worthwhile” will be considered.

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  1. I think there should be an english passage and questions added to the TAKS test that reference your site and the cheating on the TAKS test that took place in Wilmer-Hutchins – kind of a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder/hint not to cheat. That would be fun.

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