who dat drummer, vol. 2

Welcome to the second installment of a burgeoning tradition here on crabwalk.com: Who Dat Drummer?
As I said not long ago: “It’s my attempt, the day after attending a fine indie-rock show, to describe the appearance of the performing bands’ drummers in terms of other historical or contemporary figures. Drummers are, of course, the quiet showboats of indie rock — free to cultivate a sartorial or facial-hair strangeness, but not burdened by the attempts at prettyness required of frontmen.”
I’m a couple days late, but:
– Spoon (drummer Jim Eno): 60 percent Dudley Moore, 40 percent Davy Jones.
Thank you for playing Who Dat Drummer?
(Aside: Spoon rocked something fierce. I was a little worried, since I’d only seen them once before and was disappointed — and there’s nothing worse than seeing a band you love live for the first time and being disappointed. Okay, there are worse things. Like psoriasis. But back to Spoon — this time they were terrific. Britt Daniel has an oddly courtly manner with an audience, and Jim Eno is really a terrific drummer. That man could summon the gods with those big ol’ timpani mallets.)

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