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Speaking of losing faith in humanity.
“Law enforcement efforts to contain the emergency left by Katrina slipped into chaos in parts of New Orleans Tuesday with some police officers and firefighters joining looters in picking stores clean…
“Some officers joined in taking whatever they could, including one New Orleans cop who loaded a shopping cart with a compact computer and a 27-inch flat screen television.
“Officers claimed there was nothing they could do to contain the anarchy, saying their radio communications have broken down and they had no direction from commanders.
“‘We don’t have enough cops to stop it,’ an officer said. ‘A mass riot would break out if you tried.’
“Inside the store, the scene alternated between celebration and frightening bedlam. A shirtless man straddled a broken jewelry case, yelling, ‘Free samples, free samples over here.’
“Another man rolled a mechanized pallet, stacked six feet high with cases of vodka and whiskey. Perched atop the stack was a bewildered toddler.
“Throughout the store and parking lot, looters pushed carts and loaded trucks and vans alongside officers. One man said police directed him to Wal-Mart from Robert’s Grocery, where a similar scene was taking place. A crowd in the electronics section said one officer broke the glass DVD case so people wouldn’t cut themselves.
“‘The police got all the best stuff. They’re crookeder than us,’ one man said…
“At least one officer tried futilely to control a looter through shame.
“‘When they say take what you need, that doesn’t mean an f-ing TV,’ the officer shouted to a looter. ‘This is a hurricane, not a free-for-all.’
“Sandra Smith of Baton Rouge walked through the parking lot with a 12-pack of Bud Light under each arm. ‘I came down here to get my daughters,’ she said, ‘but I can’t find them.’
“Some groups organized themselves into assembly lines to more efficiently cart off goods…Inside the store, one woman was stocking up on make-up. She said she took comfort in watching police load up their own carts.
“‘It must be legal,’ she said. ‘The police are here taking stuff, too.'”

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  1. That TV will make a great anchor
    Mayor Ray Nagin has announced that the attempt to plug a breach in the
    17th Street canal at the Hammond Highway bridge has failed and the
    rising water is about to overwhelm the pumps on that canal.
    The result is that water will begin rising rapidly again, and could
    reach as high as 3 feet above sea level. In New Orleans and Jefferson
    Parish, that means floodwaters could rise as high as 15 feet in the next
    few hours.
    Nagin urged residents to try to find higher ground as soon as possible.

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