land-based casinos

The vultures begin to circle: “Our barge casinos were hit hard by the hurricane. So, Mississippi government, we demand that you immediately legalize land-based casinos via emergency legislation! It’s not like you have anything better to do!”
(That said, I’ve never understood the reason for the silly legal distinction between land-based vs. river/lake/water-based casinos. If you’re going to legalize gambling, it seems silly to say it’s only okay if the gambling happens in a floating structure. Particularly since most of them are fastened to the river or lake bottom and functionally immobile.)

One thought on “land-based casinos”

  1. The looting by poor people is hard to understand. The looting by casino operators and others is easy to understand. It’s pure greed acting in a climate of greed. The storm of greed and big money politics in this country has and will do more damage than even the hurricanes.
    Poor folk take things they want, seldom what they need. That’s hard to understand. People who don’t need take things just to have more, to maintain a fantasy, that they are in some way better than the poor.

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