my upcoming travels

I think I mentioned this before, but I’m about to skip town for a month. First, I go up to Connecticut for my friend Kim‘s wedding to the lovely and talented Eric. Then a brief stop in New Haven for a visit to my journalistic alma mater.
Then comes the big fun: a Jefferson Fellowship that will take me to China and Japan for almost all of October. And it starts out with a trip to…Hawaii. (I know — I’m a lucky guy.)
I’ve never been to Hawaii. Never even really thought about going to Hawaii. Anyone have any advice? I’ll be there from a Thursday to a Sunday and I have neither hotel reservations nor plans.

4 thoughts on “my upcoming travels”

  1. For those days, I’m completely on my own. (I’m actually in Hawaii for about 4-5 days after that period, but I’ll be tied up in fellowship stuff.)
    My flight lands in Honolulu, and the fellowship is in Oahu, but I suppose I could go anywhere in between. I’m trying to be pretty cheap, though.

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