the shining, cameron crowe style

Unrelated to Asian affairs: A trailer for horror classic The Shining, reimagined as a feel-good Cameron Crowe summer hit. Absolute genius.
In other good news, I’m a finalist in the investigative reporting category of the Katie Awards, the top journalism awards in the southwest. (This would be for the cheating stories from late ’04 and early ’05.) Strong competition, as you’d imagine: I remember thinking Lisa Sandberg’s stories were strong when they came out in the San Antonio paper — and they involve dead puppies to boot! And Nell Smith’s stories out of Arkansas on questionable dealings with state AIDS funds look good, too.
Mega-update No. 4 coming shortly.

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  1. I’m in Nanjing for three years. Been here six weeks and am happy to say I like it. Before kids, I was in pr. Congrats on making it as a Katie Awards finalist! Will keep reading — good stuff!

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