apple store opening

I haven’t seen this anywhere locally, but: A new Apple Store in Dallas is set to open its doors Saturday. It’s at NorthPark, 10 a.m.
I’ve never done the Apple-Store-opening thing, in which an overjoyed line of hundreds of Macheads forms hours before the doors open. I guess it’s always been that nagging thing called pride that’s stopped me. But Apple always gives away a lot of stuff at their openings, so I might show up.
The canonical Apple Store opening has always been the 2003 opening of its first store in Japan. Click that link if you want to see something amazing: the longest line I’ve ever seen. The first folks in line waited 28 hours in the rain for the privilege. The line, about 2,500 people long, stretched 10 city blocks.
I went to that store in October (hoping to score a new iPod for the flight back to the U.S.), and I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a space that packed. I ended up leaving iPodless because the line to get to the cash register was an hour’s wait.