fake rayne freeway

A strange man who believes that Interstates 10 and 12 in south Louisiana should be rerouted to make my hometown of Rayne I-12’s terminus. It’s part of his grand “Louisiana Shuffle” plan. Dude has planned out all the exits on his fantasy freeway, down to which ones are cloverleafs and which are “folded diamonds.”
Well, if he wants the crabwalk.com endorsement of his plans, he now officially has it. More jobs for Rayne!

2 thoughts on “fake rayne freeway”

  1. I’ve got to hand it to a guy who makes such a detailed plan for a project that often seems to have been completely ignored. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 10 years now (which I can’t believe) and 90 has always had signs that say, “Future corridor of I 49”, with no indication of any progress in that direction. It would be great, though. I always take 90 when I drive to New Iberia to avoid the Baton Rouge traffic, and given the amount of traffic it gets, turning it into an Interstate makes sense.

  2. Traffic does justify upgrading 90 there, which is why some are pushing that “I-49 South” plan. I just don’t think I-49 is a good number for the route, hence why I came up with that “Louisiana SHuffle” plan.
    Now that Lafayette has some expressway plans, I may need to reevaluate my page.

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