heyyyyy, you guuyyyyys!

I completely agree with this guy. I was a Mets for no particular reason in the early-to-mid-1980s too, and I absolutely think the Spider-Man shorts on The Electric Company were the reason. I remember that “Let’s Go Mets!” thought bubble precisely.
And is there anyone my age who doesn’t remember the soft-shoe silhouettes? “Tr, ip — trip!” (Parody here.)
Electric Company DVDs and other stuff here, although the blog is disappointing.
Fun Facts: Steve Gustafson, bassist and cofounder of 10,000 Maniacs, was a member of the Short Circus band on the show. Tom Whedon, the show’s chief writer, is the father of Buffy czar Joss Whedon. (I know several readers of this site will be happy to learn that.)

3 thoughts on “heyyyyy, you guuyyyyys!”

  1. Being ancient, the Electric Co. was somewhat after my time and I missed that Spiderman connection, even though I am a lifelong Mets/Spidey fan. But this post reminds me of a long forgotten time in the summer of 1979 when in reading a Spidey comic I was surprsied when our hero was brainwashed by the completely random Purple Man into hanging from a lamppost AND SINGING THE CHORUS TO ‘OLIVER’S ARMY’ BY ELVIS COSTELLO! I wonder if that actually happened as no one else remembers it.

  2. I am so here to save your sanity. From the unofficial Elvis Costello FAQ:
    “EC references can be found occasionally in this comic strip. eg. one comic Spiderman (SM) is at the mercy of the Purpleman who has the ability to make anyone do anything he says through some sort of mental capability. Purpleman tells SM to hang from a lamp post and recite from Hamlet. SM replies that he doesn’t know any Shakespeare, how about ‘Oliver’s Army’ and then proceeds to hang from a lamp post and recite EC lyrics.”

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