$399 a month for email

Apparently a team of researchers is attempting to determine, through scientific experiment, precisely how many really stupid rich people there are in the world. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for Millionaires24.com, which promises to provide web email for the low, low price of $399 a month.
For $4,800 a year, I’d expect a beautiful woman to read all my email aloud while lounging (tastefully nude) next to my laptop. Perhaps she could serve me grapes, also.
Hey, rich guy: Try Gmail.

2 thoughts on “$399 a month for email”

  1. i was going to tell you to register millionaires25.com, but someone has already beat me to the punch.
    m24 is so ridiculous, i’m surprised they don’t have the monopoly man peeking out of that mansion.

  2. I have 100 Gmail invitations, which I will be pleased to sell to any millionaires for the low, low price of $50,000 each, with no monthly fee thereafter. Lifetime e-mail for what millionaires24 wants for only 10 years! A bargain!

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