Damn! I hate the difference between Mac and PC monitors. The above photo doesn’t look so painfully dark on my Mac at home. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway, as one might guess from above, I’m off to Boston in a few hours. I’m going to the Nieman Narrative Journalism Conference at hated Hahvahd. There are some amazing, amazing journalists scheduled: my man Ira Glass (of This American Life), Gay Talese, Nora Ephron, Jon Franklin, Tom French, and more. Should be a blast. And I get to see my friend Fiona and my newly engaged college roommate Bob. Woo hoo!

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  1. you forgot to mention rick bragg.
    If, while hitting the streets tonight, you come across a guy selling sausages, check out his t-shirt and van. If his business logo is of a woman riding a sausage, buy a small t-shirt from him. It’s a long shot, and a long story, but trust me. It would be the most flawless x-mas present for a friend of mine.

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