soccer genital biting

No Comment Necessary Dept.: MADRID — Sevilla’s Francisco Gallardo is totally surprised that the Spanish Football Federation has opened an investigation into his bizarre goal celebration during his team’s 4-0 victory over Valladolid last weekend. Gallardo was caught on camera bending down and biting teammate Jose Antonio Reyes’ genitals in celebration of the striker’s goal early in the second half of the match. “I don’t think what I did was very noteworthy,” Gallardo was quoted as saying by Spanish media Wednesday.
“I just felt a slight pinch. I didn’t realize what had really happened until I saw the footage on television,” Reyes was quoted as saying by the French Press Agency. “Gallardo hasn’t heard the end of this. The worst thing now is the stick I’m getting from the other players,” he added.
Goal celebrations have been the cause of previous controversies. Former Valencia player Leandro once imitated a urinating dog at the edge of the field, and Liverpool’s Robbie Fowler drew criticism for crawling at a field marking and pretending to snort cocaine.
UPDATE: A photo of the offending privates-nibble.

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