cd mix of the month

I’ve gotten enough of a response to make me think the CD Mix of the Month idea might work. So here’s how it’ll work.
Once a month, I make a mix CD of music I like. Doesn’t have to be new music or have any theme, although it might. If you want I’ll give you a copy of this mix. In exchange, you make a mix CD of music you like and give me a copy. Everybody gets new rockin’ tunes, everybody’s happy. (Ideally, if we get, say, eight people making mixes, everybody could get a copy of everyone else’s mix. In other words, you burn eight copies of your mix and get eight different mixes in return. But that might be down the line.)
If you live outside the DFW area, we’ll trade by mail. If you’re local, we could either mail ’em or figure out a way to swap in person. (Or through a clandestine network of operatives specially trained in the art of polycarbonate disc exchanges. Whatever.) Lemme know if you’re interested. At d.saint‘s suggestion, let’s set an informal goal of having mixes done by Dec. 7.