in boston

Landed fine in Boston. (Although the flight was the scariest I’ve been on. It’s good to know the seat belts work. As the turbulence hit its height, after the meal service was cancelled and things started really shaking, the thought crossed my mind: How lame would it be to die while watching Legally Blonde? [Quick review: Not bad, although I’m amazed at any movie that can turn an obscenely wealthy, beautiful, pampered blonde into a victim of discrimination and turn a bunch of nerdy academics into evil social excluders. Not how I remember college.)

3 thoughts on “in boston”

  1. I had one of those scary turbulence ridden flights coming from LA to Dallas one Spring evening. I haven’t flown since then. It’ll be two years ago this coming Spring. The highlight was when everyone was buckled in and one man undid his seat belt and started running down the aisle. It felt like for a moment something really bad was happening.

  2. I had the same experience when I flew to Honduras. We had to land between two mountains on a very short runway, and it was hairy. I wasn’t too scared until the woman next to me pulled out her rosary beads. Then I started worrying.

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