i hate larry clark

Ever since his abomination Kids, I’ve hated hated hated Larry Clark. (His artistic crimes against humanity extend far beyond infecting us with Harmony Korine.) So, even though the article’s not strictly speaking about him, I was somewhat glad to read of his seduction of a woman 37 years his junior — it fits so well into the skeezeball old-man image I have of him.
As an aside, if I ever wanted to absolutely take someone down in an article — I mean humiliate them, make them look like befuddled fools through the power of their own idiocy — George Gurley would be the guy I’d want writing it. That man has a serious talent for making people look silly; he does more damage with people’s quotes than any other reporter working today. Perfect example: this profile of 21-year-old socialite Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord. (Sample: “She said she is currently reading the new Steve Martin novel, Shopgirl. ‘I think he

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  1. You know, there’s a show of Larry Clark’s photographs up now at the Toledo Museum of Art. You really shouldn’t miss it when you’re in town. It’ll give you even more reasons to dislike him.

  2. re: KIDS. at least the soundtrack was good. that lo down song kicks heaping helpings of ass. clark tends to come off as a pretty pessimistic filmmaker. as much as you may dislike him, i think it’s a positive commentary on the industry that his films actually get made.

  3. josh, out of curiosity, what about kids made you hate the film? i’d like to know, since i’ve had a ton of debates about the pros/cons of the flick.

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