serge gainsbourg and movable type

Listening to a CDMOM disc from one of my reliably good traders, I noticed a Serge Gainsbourg track called “Melody.” A nice, sexy song, in Serge’s inimitable swingin’ Parisian style. Then, a few minutes in, a female voice intones: “Melody Nelson.”
“Hey!” I think. “I know from Melody Nelson!” Any Movable Type user knows that when you first install the system, the login/password combo you have to use is melody/nelson. “Hey, maybe I’m the first person to figure this out, and the supercool Trotts, Ben and Mena, will think I’m cool for crossing between the worlds of ’60s French pop and content management systems with such ease!”
Then I saw someone beat me to the punch a couple months ago. Oh, well.
Strange coincidence: a different Serge Gainsbourg track appears on my July mix. That’s two Serge sitings! (And Serge citings!) One more and it’s officially a trend!
(Of course, it won’t be official until the hipsters at Time or some other respectable media organ report it with a back-pages piece, headlined: “A Surge in Serge: It’s Encore Time for French Pop Star.”)

2 thoughts on “serge gainsbourg and movable type”

  1. Yeah, I thought us both including Serge Gainsbourg on the same month was a wild coincidence too. Must be something in the water. Glad you liked the mix. Serge did a whole ‘concept’ album about Melody Nelson. Since I don’t speak french, I don’t know what he’s talking about, but knowing Serge, I’m sure she was a swingin’ chick.
    I think Mena mentions somewhere on her site that she is a big Gainsbourg fan.

  2. speaking of serge, i was surprised you put cibo matto’s “birthday cake” on the last cd instead of the much-better cover of “j’te mois non plus” (er whatever it’s called). behind a live version of BBQ, it’s my cibo fav.

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