amc reunites!

Sweet mother of Jesus, today just got better: American Music Club reunites for new album.
For those not in the know, American Music Club was My Favorite Band from about 1993 to 1997. It was also the most common artist on my CD Mix of the Month discs. Hell, this whole site is named for an AMC track called (are you ready for this shocker?) “Crabwalk.”
It’s been nine years since their swan song, and AMC’s singer/songwriter Mark Eitzel hasn’t been the same outside the band context. He needs folks around him to rein in his more melodramatic impulses. AMC (particularly the one-named guitarist Vudi) always did that. I’m not sure whether to let my expectations build up to a furious level or to guard myself against disappointment.
The reunited AMC will be playing at San Fran’s Makeout Room on August 21, in what Mark says will likely be “the first and last [show] for a long while.” All good San Franciscans should take advantage.
Update: Just found this article on the reunion. “Eitzel helped spark the reunion by visiting Vudi in Los Angeles recently, where the guitarist holds down a day job as a city bus driver and fronts the band Clovis de la Floret.” Vudi drives a city bus?!? What injustice! (On the other hand, I have such an intense desire to go to L.A. and just keep riding buses until I run into him.)