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A few links to tide you over until I can get back into my posting groove:
Woman gives birth on subway, barely notices, gives David Lynch idea for next movie. ”Thanks for your concern, we’re OK,” she said after a brief moan and letting the baby slide across the subway floor. A fellow commuter said she tied the umbilical cord in a knot and wrapped the baby in a silk scarf. ”She cradled the baby in one arm and grabbed the handrail with the other and continued to ride the T and stare out the window.”
Man invents fake son, kills him off in 9/11, profits. “[Bad guy Cyril Kendall] billed Red Cross and Safe Horizon for therapy – at $425 an hour – at a company called ‘Alliance Counseling.’ But Cyril Kendall also claimed to be the sole employee of Alliance Counseling – meaning when the charities reimbursed the family for their mental-health bills, Kendall pocketed everything.”
Got swindled out of $1,000 by Jim Bakker? The televangelist owes you exactly $6.54. (Lawyers get $2.5 million.)
South Africa’s Gay and Lesbian Alliance, a national political party, changes its name…to the Death Penalty Party of South Africa?
Never trust a German with garlic and a frying pan.

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  1. I was about to grab some dinner, but between this and the birth on the subway, I’ve completely lost my appetite.

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