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In case you needed proof that I am in fact back at work, here’s my story from Saturday’s front page, about four dead kids. I hate stories about dead kids, but at least this was the best kind of dead-kids story — the kind where my co-bylines (Matt and Jason) do all the reporting and I do all the writing. No need to talk to grieving relatives that way.
Had some busy evenings of late. Had dinner with Erica Wednesday, then went to the DFWblogs holiday party. Thursday hung out with some coworkers. Friday went to the Polyphonic Spree holiday spectacular at the Lakewood with Leia, Gary, and Tina. Finally, went to see Shattered Glass and have sushi with a coworker Saturday. Whew.
About Friday: The Spree was (were?) tremendous, even better than the last time I saw them. Truly, an experience not to be missed when they come to your town. Of particular note was the 6- or 7-months pregnant young lady in the chorus, who shook her moneymaker like she was mixing paint. (Leia: “That poor kid’s going to have shaken baby syndrome before it’s even born.”)
Unfortunately, the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players were off their game. Papa Jason seemed to lose his grasp of reality at one point (throwing down his guitar in a rage that seemed more Travis Bickle than Pete Townshend), and the slideshows were kinda sketchy. I think that they’re teetering close to Behind the Music territory.
In other news, it’s 70 degrees in Dallas. Take that, northerners.
Great story in today’s NYT about the 91-year-old who writes the alumni notes column for Princeton’s class of 1933.

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  1. Despite the subject matter, great job on landing on the front page. The news business must be really tough. I wrote for a college paper way back when and it was always nice to get the front page – even if it was for a “bad” story. It’s pretty well written and edited. I bet it will mean something to their families.

  2. My first “car date” was at the Lakewood Theater, back when it was just a movie theater and not “restored” or “historic”. Good Lord I’m old. How was Shattered Glass?

  3. I enjoyed Shattered Glass thoroughly. The acting was really quite good — Peter Saarsgaaaaard (or however you spell his name) was absolutely amazing as Chuck Lane, and young Skywalker was quite good as Glass. But I honestly can’t tell you if a non-journalist would enjoy it as much — I don’t have enough distance. I will say, though, that they get the atmosphere of a newsroom pretty much dead on.
    Oh, and the ending is both false and utterly implausible. But beyond that, quite enjoyable.

  4. This non-journalist enjoyed Shattered Glass. Hayden Christiansen’s performance is so much better than the wooden Anakin. A testament to the acting talent vortex that is George Lucas I guess.

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