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Great story by the WaPo reporter who’s been chasing the story about Strom Thurmond’s black daughter for 23 years. Quite a tale of devotion. Please shoot me if I’m still chasing the same stories in 2026 I am today.
Want some fine MP3s of recent indie rock shows? How about:
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, March 28 in Rotterdam
Calexico, October 19 in Denver
The Dismemberment Plan, June 12 in Seattle
My Morning Jacket, October 3 in Denver
Sound quality’s quite good on all of them — grab them quick before they’re gone. If there’s even a small corner of your brain that considers 1971-era Allman Brothers a triumph of rock history, be sure to get the My Morning Jacket. I’ve been grooving quite regularly to their last album, which is pretty tremendous southern space rock. The D-Plan’s also worth grabbing, if only for the trad set closer (“OK Joke’s Over”), which in this performance turns into a 15-minute medley of Seattle rock’s greatest hits (Nirvana and Pearl Jam, sure, but also Postal Service, Elliott Smith, Screaming Trees, Alice in Chains, Soundgarten, and Temple of the damned Dog), with disorienting guest yelling from white-boy rappers Gold Chains and Cex.
By the way, if you haven’t seen it, Gold Chains’ public-transit-themed video for “I Come From San Francisco” is strangely…compelling.

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  1. After tackling the sysiphian task of signing up for access to the Morning News, I was able to read your story on the kids dieing in the car crash. Nice work. Not the kind of story that you bring up on a date when things are going well, but good work nonetheless.
    Speaking of WaPo stories, did you see David Mariniss’ piece in Friday’s about this ‘average woman’ in DuBuque who essentially represents the Eastern Iowa version of a modern day political machine. Great story.

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