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Have you been keeping yourself up nights wondering: “I wish I knew what music Josh has been listening to recently”? Caught yourself thinking: “Man, I love that, but I just wish Josh could make it a bit more self-involved”? Is a window into my recent musical forays the only thing standing between you and true self-actualization?
I present to you this page, which reports the last 20 songs I’ve listened to on iTunes. Since I typically keep iTunes on random, it should be a pretty good sampling of my collection. The page is courtesy of iTunes Watcher, an app by Michael Simmons. If all goes well, I may soon be able to flow all that song info onto this page.
Speaking of my MP3 collection, it’s approaching the 19,000-song mark. I’ve been ripping old CDs like mad these last few days, and I should hit 20,000 shortly. I’ve finally reached the “M”s in my collection, working backward — halfway home!
Speaking of shortly, a redesign — the first in this site’s nearly-three-year history — should be popping up on your screens in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “music page”

  1. loving the design of the music page. is that a preview of the new design?
    i’ve been using kung-tunes, but itunes watcher seems like a nice upgrade.

  2. Nah, that’s the default design that comes with iTunes Watcher. It’s designed by Scott Boms.
    One thing about iTunes Watcher: No way (without some hacking) to get the latest songs as an include into another page. I understand that’s coming shortly, though.

  3. Tommy likey!
    I’m gonna check this app out asap.
    I’ve been thinking of doing the ole redesign myself, but resources and good ideas aren’t a flowing.

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