six-year-old decemberists fan

I haven’t the slightest idea who Thad Povey is, but he’s a cool dad. He:
(a) turned his six-year-old daughter Isabel on to the Decemberists;
(b) took her to their show in San Francisco last night; and
(c) made a music video, starring Isabel, for the carnival-themed Part IV of The Tain, their recent Celtic epic.
Someday, I’m going to turn my kids into little indie rockers, too.
Update: Actually, a quick Googling lets you know that Thad Povey is an experimental filmmaker. Among his techniques: Finding random snippets of film and handpainting or otherwise doctoring each frame individually. Here’s an example. Here’s an interview.

2 thoughts on “six-year-old decemberists fan”

  1. One of the weird side effects of turning your kid into an indie rocker is going to a show where your kid is the youngest person there, and you are the oldest. Another one is having to explain the clouds of pot smoke at open air venues. But I like that my 5 year old daughter’s first show was a Frank Black acoustic set when all her school friends are nagging their moms for Hilary Duff’s latest product. And I’m happy to report that indie rockers seem to love seeing little kids at their gigs; James from the Shins came over and gave my son (then 8) his guitar pick, and Lu from the Mekons once let him play this weird electric instrument (called a Saz, I think). Your older Crabwalk readers can probably confirm that kids, even little kids, are especially open to new music and will be really into the chance to go see/hear it.

  2. No doubt. My kids are going to be all into the rock. Particularly the poppier end of the indie spectrum — the Shins and the Decemberists make great kid bands, I think. I bet Isabel went nuts during The Tain.
    Also, my children will be eating sushi and Indian food shortly after weaning.

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