in nigeria

I’m safe and sound in Lagos. Journey was trouble free, although loooooong. My cell phone, no matter what Cingular promised, doesn’t work here, but hopefully that can be fixed in the coming days. More posts to come in the coming days, hopefully.
UPDATE: Just bought a Nigerian cell phone. My number is 0805 710 2977. If you’re dialing from the U.S., you’d dial 011 234 805 710 2977. (The 234 is Nigeria’s country code.)

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  1. With all of the international traveling you do, you should look into buying a satellite phone. I bought one for Justin when he was in Iraq and it was great. They get world-wide access (except for a small handful of places) and have good reception, as long as you have a clear line of sight to the sky. You can buy pre-paid calling cards for your service, and from New Orleans to Iraq the rate was $1.20/min, which wasn’t bad.

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