still alive

FYI, I’m still alive. This is the first Internet computer I’ve sat at since Saturday morning, and the mouse appears to have been dipped in chunky molasses. But: I’m alive. Should have a pope-related story in tomorrow’s paper.

2 thoughts on “still alive”

  1. Ditto Erica’s comment. There’s a bonafide Nigerian princess here at school, and I thought of you yesterday when she got glass in her foot during my yoga class. Not because of the yoga, and not because she bled, but because she was Nigerian. That’s why I thought of you.
    So I got on today to look for your pope story and was interested to see that the “World” menu on the left of the screen is divided into three segments: Mexico, Iraq, and “World”. Isn’t that interesting? That is SO INTERESTING!! Seriously. I wonder if other border states divide the “world” into those three segments?

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