don knotts is the love god?

The trailer for the 1969 Don Knotts vehicle The Love God? (The question mark is part of the title.)
Don plays Abner Audubon Peacock, who — if you only looked at the trailer — appears to be a rather plain man who is for some reason found astoundingly sexy by women. But the actual plot involves Abner becoming the king of a soft-core porn empire, a Hugh Hefner clone. Wonder why that couldn’t get into the trailer?
The band in the trailer is called Orange Colored Sky and they take outsized pride in their appearance.
I may have to go track the movie down, since I loved Don Knotts movies when I was a kid. For some reason they were always on TV on Saturday afternoons, after the cartoons. How to Frame a Figg! The Shakiest Gun in the West! The Reluctant Astronaut! The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! And my absolute childhood favorite, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, in which Don becomes a fish and helps hunt German submarines. Man, I loved that Mr. Limpet around age 7.